Virtual Custom Spray Paint Workshop
Reach farther with our custom virtual spray paint experience

Virtual Custom Spray Paint Workshop

Bring your group together for a fun and memorable activity with our custom virtual spray paint workshop. Using 100% safe indoor spray paint and our veteran instructors providing guidance over video conference, your group will have a fully immersive experience learning about the spray paint art forms and making your own inspired creation from anywhere. The workshop is customized based upon the bold statement your team wants to make -- inspiring words, slogans, images, the possibilities are endless. Coupled with your custom statement, which will be die cut out of wood, we provide an assortment of decal stencils to take your artwork to the next level.

Guests will launch their spray paint and graffiti markers skills and each stylize a custom blank, or an individual graffiti letter. Alongside the hands-on creating, we break down the vibrant spray paint art cultures and provide an authentic Q&A discussion.

90 Minutes (1.5 Hours) and able to accommodate 10 to hundreds of guests.  Virtual bookings need to be booked at least 16 days prior to the event date. 

We ship wordlwide and each guest receives a custom 1AM SF kit which includes:

  • Three MTN Water Based spray cans and/or Chisel Graffiti Markers
  • 12” x 12” laser cut custom design your provide
  • Assortment of decorative stencils
  • Marker and super glue
  • Rubber glove and a protective plastic tarp
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