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Interview x MADC x Over The Edge!

What was your introduction to graffiti and what were your thoughts when you picked up your first can? I was given a book (“Graffiti Art Germany”) on graffiti by a friend. I read it in one night and was absolutely fascinated by the art, the possibilities and the community behind it. I wanted to be a part of that and paint big walls myself. I was pretty disappointed about the outcome of my first piece though. Handling a spray can was much more difficult than I thought. How do you come up [...]

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SF Gate x MadC x 1AM!

Published last night, SF Gate writer Stephanie Hession interviews Claudia about her show, "Over The Edge", opening this Friday, 6:30-9:30pm at the gallery. Hession describes the variety of moving colors utilized in Claudia's pieces as "an enthralling dalliance of swaths of blues, fuchsia and magenta, interplaying with a ribbon of whispery green, sharp ebony lines and jagged shapes in deep red. In another, pools of sky blue, magenta, plum and violet watercolors loosely surround defined lines in an echoing palette." "Over The Edge" will be running until January 5th. Read more...

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MAD C x Over The Edge x 1AM Gallery

Mad C will be here for the opening of "Over the Edge" at 1AM December 7th, 6:30-9:30pm. Renowned for being one of the best in the world, we are honored to be the host of her first US solo show! If you haven't seen the video of her Jurassic Park mural and her Paper Party exhibition at Galerie Le Feuvre, get in the know! "Over The Edge" will be running from December 7th until January 5th. For purchasing inquiries, email info(at)

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