Street Art Team Building San Francisco
A fun, creative, and unique workshop experience.

Street Art Workshop - San Francisco

Experience the global street art movement in this 120-minute workshop. Our street art veteran hosts will provide a culturally rich history of the scene while guiding each guest in creating their own individual street art piece as well as a collaborative group artwork together.

We start by teaching each guest how to use spray paint and stencils.  Each member creates their own 12" x 12" artwork on canvas using an extensive selection of stencils, spanning popular images of people, icons, characters, and landmarks.  Armed with fresh paint skills, as well as spray paint colors, the creative possibilities are infinite!  Taking a break in the action, our lead teacher presents the background and many forms of the street art culture.  The finale is a collaborative effort culminating every guests street art skills to create a 30" x 40" masterpiece.
  • Spray paint practice
  • Each guest creating an individual street art piece on a takeaway 12" x 12" canvas
  • Group collaboration on creating a single 30" x 40" takeaway street art canvas
  • Street art visual presentation

120 Minute (2 Hours) and can accommodate 9 to 30 guests

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