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The Hip Hop revolution has been going strong for over 50 years and this 2.5 workshop is a time warp back to when it all began. Our veteran Hip Hop host takes it back to the original four pillars of hip hop, MCing, DJing, Graffiti, and Breakdancing (sorry this workshop excludes the dancing part). We also bring the competitive, but friendly battle aspect to this workshop as hip hop was competing in these original art forms as an alternative to violence. We start by breaking up your group into equal teams with each group coming up with a group crew name as well as each individual coming up with a graffiti name that they'll get to spray paint tag on our wall. Our Hip Hop host, through a presentation, lays out the events, time, places, and people that sowed the seeds for hip hop to emerge. We then dive right into DJing with records, turntables, mixers and introducing basic DJ scratching. Each crew will have their own DJ setup to practice and come up with their own unique sound style using our special DJ scratching records. The sampler drum machine, instrumental in making hip hop beats and still used today, is then introduced where each crew will practice creating their own beat live from a series of different drum kits they choose from. We finally introduce the MC where the lyrics on the microphone flow and the final piece of the hip hop sountrack emerges. The crews self assign each members role for the DJ, MC, and drum machine and prepare to battle each other bringing together the musical skills they've learned. During the battle preparation period, we brainstorm with the group for their team spray paint graffiti mural. The finale is each crew performing a brief musical set to take the title of the most fresh crew with the winning crew getting to art direct the spray paint graffiti piece which all guests paint together.

  • Coming up with crew names and spray paintimg their individual graffiti names
  • The origins of Hip Hop and its evolution to present day
  • Practicing DJing, making a beat, and MCing
  • Finale group graffiti piece on wall, or (for an added fee) takeaway 4' x 6' canvas(es)

*Optional add on to the hip hop workshop package is an individual custom art takeaway where we hand cut a custom stencil of a word, slogan, or image for guests to spray paint on their choice of a canvas tote bag, or 12" x 12" canvas.

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“The team had an absolutely amazing time and the mural is so cool! Thanks for sending the photos — it’s great to have something to remember such a wonderful experience by. Thank you again for all of your help in making this happen!!”

Abby, Google

“I’d like to thank 1am for a refreshingly creative team workshop. Although some felt artistically hopeless, the team appreciated the genuine energy and enthusiasm from Robby (who was an awesome teacher) along with the support staff, which further contributed to the success of the activity. We look forward to seeing you all again!”

Ana, AppDynamicss

“We had SO MUCH FUN at our Team Building event! Nate1Design, Robby, Maya were the perfect hosts & teachers. 1AM goes way beyond what a “Team Building” event generally is.We received an art education that was interesting and very well presented. We loved our neighborhood tour. Our mural was collaborative, there was much learning, and all of us were encouraged & engaged. Our teachers have MAD skills, but they were humble & respectful. Our whole company is envious, and have made many trips to see our mural. We will definitely go again, and some of us are going to take more classes on our own. 1AM is a well thought out & perfectly executed operation. It is an asset to the SF Arts community. Much success to all of you…”

S.W., Yahoo

“My co-workers and I came here for a team bonding event, where we enjoyed a 2 hour workshop. It was so much fun practicing and perfecting our “Tags” (writing our names with cool paint pens) and trying out different styles of graffiti. We then took an educational tour where we viewed different graffiti styles around the area and learned about street art. Then we got to practice some spray painting, and gained a new appreciation for the graffiti murals! The workshop hosts were so great; teaching us how to be artistic with spray paint. This was a great place to come with your team from work, and learn and be creative!”

Andrea, Google

“Nate, Robby, Maya…We’re Quantcastic, U R FANTASTIC! Best Teambuilding Event ever. See you again soon!”

Shane, Quantcast

“The team at 1AM was passionate, talented and genuine. They’re true, long-time graffiti artists who love teaching what they do!”

Matt, Facebook

“We had an amazing workshop with the crew at 1AM! The workshop leaders were incredibly knowledgeable, encouraging and willing to break it down for the aspiring “writers” at Tipping Point Community!”

J’aime, Tipping Point Community

“Everything was perfect – the workshop exceeded our expectations of teamwork and fun.”

Jon, Enernoc

“ShareThis has thrown multiple Graffiti Events with 1AM; each better than the last. The staff is extremely helpful in making sure their events go off without a hitch, and the classes themselves are excellent for entertaining clients and/or team building.“

Steve, ShareThis

“We planned a custom workshop to accommodate my creative team and give them enough latitude to go crazy with graffiti. The teachers, Nate1 and Roman, took us through a session where we really started to appreciate graffiti as an art form and the team had fun.”

Shailesh, Ebay

“Thanks! The workshop was a lot of fun!”

Norm, Genentech

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