Hip Hop Team Building

Time traveling back to feel the birth of HipHop.

Hip Hop Team Building Workshop San Francisco

GOLDEN ERA OF HIP-HOP WORKSHOP. The Hip Hop revolution has been going strong for over 50 years and this 120-minute workshop is a time warp back to the golden era of hip hop, the late 80’s to early 90’s.

This event is an introductory hands on experience to the tools that birthed the hip hop culture which span spray paint to turntables and culminates into a team performance (no dancing, or rapping).  Each guest will spray paint practice and create their own individual graffiti piece takeaway.  Each guest will also learn the basics of DJ scratching on vinyl turntables and making a beat on the classic Akai MPC drum machine.  In the true essence of hip hop, we assemble your group into crews of 3 to 4 members whom will battle for who has the freshest crew name and the dopest created beat.  Taking a breather in the action, our lead teacher sets the tone and brings us to the golden era of hip hop through a visual presentation.  The finale is each crew battling with their best 30 second routine of DJ scratching and beat drumming with our lead teacher and the crowd applause deciding the winning crew.

    • Competition and collaboration makes this our highest team bonding event
    • Spray paint practice
    • Each guest creating an individual graffiti art piece
    • Learn to DJ scratch using vinyl records on turntables and create a beat using the classic Akai MPC 
    • Make a beat with your crew and and compete for team supremacy

120 Minutes (2 Hours) and can accommodate 6 to 24 guests

Inquire about add ons to level up your workshop, or be exempt from the 6 guest minimum.  Custom design group takeaway on brick background and custom stencils available.

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