Hip Hop Team Building

A workshop based on the art of Hip Hop.

Hip Hop Team Building Workshop San Francisco

GOLDEN ERA OF HIP-HOP WORKSHOP. The Hip Hop revolution has been going strong for over 50 years and this 120-minute workshop is a time warp back to the golden era of hip hop, the late 80’s to early 90’s.

We bring a competitive, yet friendly format as we assemble your group into crews of 3 to 4 members. The entire group practices spray painting their new crew names as well as backgrounds to each member's individual takeaway canvases. We then dive into the practice and how-to use the drum machine tools that dominated the golden era and start making a beat with the entire group together. Then every crew member will practice making their own beat.

Switching gears, you will learn the basics of vinyl turntable scratching and practice making your own unique scratch sounds. Merging both drum machine and scratching, each crew practices making a beat which they perform and battle against each other.

Once a winning crew is decided, everyone gets the spray can back in their hand to complete their individual graffiti letter takeaway.

    • Golden Era of Hip Hop presentation
    • Spray paint practice
    • Practice vinyl turntable scratching and using drum machine
    • Make a beat and compete with other crews
    • Make an individual graffiti stencil letter on takeaway canvas


120 Minutes (2 Hours) and can accommodate 9 to 15 guests

*Optional group artwork add on is a 5-vinyl record assemblage and custom laser cut graffiti tag that are both spray painted and assembled together.

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