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Virtual DIY Graffiti Art Kit

Ignite your creative skills and create your own stylized letter with this authentic virtual course. Simply choose your custom letter and colors so we can send an epic art kit (details below). Our genuine teachers crafted step by step instructions and inspiration through online videos for you to create at your own pace. Now, all our art kit materials, including spray paint, are for INDOOR use. Checkout Virtual DIY Graffiti Art Kit for more details.

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To master spray can art, you need to build up your spray can control skills. Learn spray can skills from one of our veteran instructors as we cover the wide variety of spray paint types and nozzles as well as share beginner to intermediate techniques. Armed with a large selection of spray paint and walls, our instructors provide insight and hands on guidance as students learn by practice by spray painting in a small class setting.


With all the art in the streets, it's no wonder you're curious and possibly wanting to get in the action. Our seasoned street art teachers provide a great foundation and base techniques through hands on learning. We cover spray paint practice followed by a cultural presentation. Students then choose from stencils designs and create their own street art price on a 12" x 12" canvas, or canvas tote bag. The street art piece, stencil, X-acto knife, and stencil paper are included.


Turntablism, aka DJ scratching, exploded onto the scene as one of the first four pillars of Hip Hop. Our beginner DJ scratching class covers the birth and cultural importance of the art form and puts you in front of the vinyl turntables and mixer. Within a small group setting, our teacher demonstrates and guides students through beginner DJ scratches as well as how to properly handle equipment.

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