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Graffiti Classes & Tours

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Study the history of graffiti and how it changed over time under one of the graff legends! You’ll go on a mural walk tour to see landmark pieces and productions followed by time spent sketching letters and discovering your own style under the guidance of the instructor. You’ll also learn introductory knowledge of the spray can and have a brief hands-on session to prep you for further classes. This class comes with a free hard case small black book AND your own 24″ x 36″ spray paint letter canvas to take home. The Art of Graffiti: 1.0 is where your urban art journey begins….


Learn to make your mark on the world by studying the exploding world of street art and taking part through the art of stencils! Street Art 101 thoroughly covers all the fundamentals: learn how to design and cut your own stencils, perfect the proper technique for spraying them. In addition to learning to stencil on different materials such as paper, skateboards, and wood, you’ll take home your very own stenciled T-shirt, canvas, or tote bag!

STREET ART TOUR: Art in Public Spaces

Join us for an enlightening, street art adventure through the unique urban neighborhoods of San Francisco. The street art movement has been taking the world by storm- transforming our shared public spaces and allowing more people to engage with art on a daily basis than ever before. Since the beginning of the street art movement San Francisco has served as a paramount city for it’s appreciation of the creative while developing and inviting world renown artists. The tour will start off with a quick history of street art before we hit the streets to see some of the beauty in person. Local, national and international history, unique stories about the artists, and questions will continue throughout the afternoon while our expert guides the tour on foot.

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