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/Q&A with the Artists

Pemex & Klops on Widewalls

http://www.widewalls.ch/pemex-and-klops-1am-gallery-san-francisco/ Last week we stopped by Pemex's studio to check out the last few steps for his duo show with Klops, "Get With The Program". Thanks Widewalls.ch for covering the studio visit! See the pair's finished work at the opening reception at our downtown San Francisco gallery, this Thursday, March 2nd, from 7-10pm. To request a catalog preview: artsales@1amgallery.com.    

Black Book Session with The Artifacts!

  https://vimeo.com/201481297 Last Monday, the New Jersey Hip Hop Icons The Artifacts came down to our Oakland Generator space for an awesome Black Book Session, in-depth interview, and Q & A with the crowd. The Artifacts were note for being some of the first graffiti artists to speak to the element of graffiti on the mic with their classic song "Wrongside of the tracks." Here is our In-depth discussion with them.  

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1AM Artist Spotlight: Kopsky of Lords Crew

Kopsky's "Leader of Ramen's Dissection Studies", on display at 1AM gallery now! French artist Kopsky traces his beginnings back to the suburbs of Paris, where he was born and raised under the artistic influence of his painter father. Though always surrounded by art, Kopsy discovered spray paint in the mid 90’s and began to explore its many applications and benefits. In addition to learning graffiti the “classic b-boy way,” Kopsky started studying art and moved to the Mediterranean coast. Since then, he continues to experiment with different styles of street [...]

Artist Spotlight: AMUSE 126

AMUSE 126 is best known as one of the most prolific graffiti artists to come out of Chicago. With works ranging from simple tags and throws to giant pieces and murals, it seems like AMUSE 126 can do just about anything. With over 15 years of experience, this self taught artist has grown in the graffiti world with constant work as well as perfecting his abstract style, continuously taking chances and trying new things. AMUSE 126 will be a part of our upcoming show CMYK opening June 4th from 630-930pm. For media related inquiries [...]

Final week to see works by Lily Black “This Isn’t How I Planned It”

Bay area artist Lily Black has lived more lives than your average. Although Lily refrains from calling himself an “artist”, he certainly has been creating things for profit for a long time. From selling props to costume stores at the young age of 12, to making record art for heavy metal bands like Autopsy, assembling H&R Block offices, doing graphic design, and being a slave for Sony, Lily would preferably do just about anything if he can do it with his hands, especially if it involves a paint brush or a pencil. [...]

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Interview with Liquid Hymn artist, J.S. Weis

1AM: The phrase “Liquid Hymn” implies almost a religious or spiritual relationship with nature. Is that how you view your relationship with the natural world? Jeff Weis: A hymn is a song of joy or praise usually used in a religious context, but I meant it more as an analogy.  My working process is like a song of joy and it’s sung for nature instead of religion. Implied in the word hymn is that you are reaching out to an idea that can’t respond directly to you. 1AM: In an ideal world, [...]

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Take a deep breath…

…and let the art of Alex Kuznetsov take possession of you. Born in 1978 in former USSR, Alex Kuznetsov is one of the first graffiti writers of his country. With almost 15 years of spray paint practice, Kuznetsov travels all around the world creating murals. You may know him under many names: Iks, Temos, Monk, Awek and more. With so much experience, classic graffiti holds no secrets from him and since 2010, Alex Kuznetsov has been offering us his vision of using the spray can as a new medium for artists to [...]

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James Brown interviews RC Work for “Clash of the Titans”

Curator James Brown interviewed 1:6 artist RC Work for a quick pre-show interview. Read up before the show opening on Friday, January 10th! Please email Maya@1AMSF.com for an online catalog. RC Work, tell me a bit more about the Forgotten World series, this has been a long labor of love, with so many great designs. Is there a plan to do a larger run of toys ? Actually I wanna create a space where it’s a bit out of reality. It’s very important to build up the atmosphere of the series the [...]

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Interview Series: Vogue

From Oakland to San Francisco and beyond, the Bay Area is a mecca for art — both on the streets and in the galleries. Without a doubt, one of the more prolific street artists to emerge from the scene is local native Vogue TDK. Over the last thirty years Vogue has used his art to communicate with the rest of the world. Like many of his fellow graffiti contemporaries, Vogue got his start by producing illegal out-door art that often breathlessly combined aerosol paint with the world around us. In the 80’s [...]