Street Art & Social Change: Lorenzo Quinn shows “Support” in Venice

With the state of the environment, many historic cities are facing the threat of rising sea levels.  In reaction, Italian sculptor Lorenzo Quinn highlighted this issue by unveiling his latest installation at Venice’s annual art installation, Venice Biennale 2017.     Entitled, Support, the sculpture depicts two hands rising out of Venice’s Grand Canal toward the Sagredo Hotel. The hands reflect the two conflicting sides of human nature - the creative and the destructive.  Support highlights the idea that humans have the direct ability to impact the course of history and the environment. We could [...]

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Behind the scenes of “Everyone Deserves a Home” community mural

"Everyone Deserves a Home” is a testament to the community of the Tenderloin and a promise of hope and security. We wanted to share some behind the 1AM scenes shots of this epic street art mural.   This mural, overlooking the recently revamped Boedekker Park, brings new life and vibrancy to the Tenderloin community. This project was made possible and in collaboration with DISH, Friends of Boeddeker Park, and the Community Challenge Grant Program by SF Beautiful.  For more info, contact murals@1amsf.com Original Sketch

Street Art & Social Change: Tatyana Fazlalizadeh

On the streets of Brooklyn in 2012, local street artist Tatyana Fazlalizadeh decided that she had had enough of catcalling. After a stranger on the street asked her to smile for him, she used this as the basis for an ongoing series of street art entitled, Stop Telling Women to Smile (STWTS). Late at night, armed with a roller brush and some posters, Fazlalizadeh began wheat-pasting graphite posters on the walls of public streets, the most common site of catcalling. These posters are all portraits of women, some of the artist herself, [...]

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Pemex & Klops on Widewalls

http://www.widewalls.ch/pemex-and-klops-1am-gallery-san-francisco/ Last week we stopped by Pemex's studio to check out the last few steps for his duo show with Klops, "Get With The Program". Thanks Widewalls.ch for covering the studio visit! See the pair's finished work at the opening reception at our downtown San Francisco gallery, this Thursday, March 2nd, from 7-10pm. To request a catalog preview: artsales@1amgallery.com.    

1AM First Friday Event with Eddie Colla

1AM Gallery is happy to present our First Friday event with Eddie Colla, this Friday, December 2, 2017. Come by our booth to get to know Eddie, and pick up one of his limited edition prints. The prints will be released online that morning at 10AM PST, including 10 hand-embellished prints within the edition of 50. Eddie's style in these pieces draws on the experience of remembering, where the past is documented or erased by our minds, both at will and at random. Experiences are not taken to be individual entities, but [...]

Street Art and Social Change: Mobstr Mocks Public Advertising

One of the strongest political channels in the street art movement is the questioning of what is allowed and what isn't allowed in our shared public spaces. Advertisements are almost everywhere we look today in most major cities, and some artists and activists question what this does to our individual and societal psyche. What effect does being pummeled by consumerism, commodity, and lifestyle advertisements have on us? Well, one very well known critique is the British artist, Mobstr. Mobstr is known for his urban interventions, and progression pieces, which he "collaborates" with city cleaners/buffers. Today we look [...]

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Street Art and Social Change: Steven Grounds Reclaims a Native American Boarding School

Artist, Steven Grounds, has been working hard the last couple years, filling the interior and exterior walls of an abandoned Native American boarding school in Concho, Oklahoma. The boarding school, during its years of operation from 1909-1983, had members from the Cheyenne and Arapaho tribes among other Native American students. Grounds is Navajo and Euchee himself, and he obtained permission to paint the buildings from the Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribe two years ago. He has been painting portraits of  his heroes and even of students who once walked the same halls ever since. Native American boarding schools have a dreadful history in [...]

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Street Art and Social Change: Biancoshock’s “VIP” Street Intervention

Italian artist and urban interventionist, Fra Biancoshock, recently visited Tartu, Estonia, where he created several site specific street installations. His “V.I.P – Very Important Poverty” installation is gripping - a homeless person under a blanket on a red carpet with boundary ropes around. A poignant piece, as global wealth divide and inequality is at an alltime high. Baincoshock's work has the beautiful and also alarming ability to cut right through the observer. His interventions walk the fine line between art and ...something else - maybe reality. For a very long time he didn’t [...]

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Street Art and Social Change: Ever for Farmers in Paraguay

Argentinian artist, Ever Siempre, just wrapped up painting this wall in Asunción, Paraguay. The piece is entitled "Chokokue" ("Farmer") in the indigenous Guarani language, and represents a somber and violent history the country's government has had with this agricultural social group. Ever writes: "During 1989-2013 they were executed and disappeared 115 leaders and members of peasant organizations. These attacks has the objetive of acquire the land of the farmers this is a due to large corporate interests linked to models agribusiness such as soy, this situation has led Paraguay to be the country with [...]

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Street Art and Social Change: Eduardo Kobra “Ethnicities” in Rio

  The 2016 Summer Olympics are officially over, and Rio has many new additions in the city to remember the monumental event with. One massive addition is the powerful, vibrant, and meaningful mural entitled 'Ethnicities' by Brazilian muralist, Eduardo Kobra. The work features Kobra's signature style of kaleidoscopic color filled faces of 5 indigenous people from around the world. The intent of the piece is to show the humanity that we all share, that we are all connected in our modern globalized world, and that we are all one. “We’re living through a very [...]

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