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Nature meet City by 1AM muralists

Camping has always been a great escape from urban living and when Campsyte tasked us with bringing the redwoods to downtown San Francisco, we were compelled to appease mother nature. As part of San Francisco's first outdoor co-working and event space Outcamp, we created a mural as a background encompassing the space to evoke the feeling of nature and being one with the elements.  Campsyte's vision of a shared backyard leans on the studies that environments in nature reduce stress. For more info, contact murals@1amsf.com  

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“Hope for the Future Gives Power to the Present” 1AM Mural

While our mural artists often come from community input and careful thought with a predetermined wall, this particular mural's message was in hand prior to having a wall to paint it.  When the opportunity arose to be part of the mural festival, SprayView (located in the SF Bayview district),  I knew I had found the right home.  So where did this mural's message come from? For those of you that attended Lick Wilmerding High School, Coach Elliot Smith should be no stranger to you and was a major influence on me.  I'll just share [...]

Oakland Athletics and Illuminaries Community Mural

One day, I received a text from Krupt of Illuminaries with a picture of this 100' x 100' foot brick wall with small writing that said "our next mural".   My first reaction was, "Top to bottom!?!?" I should have known that's exactly what he meant. The Illuminaries have been blessing Oakland with ginormous murals for the last few years, busting back on the scene with the Steph Curry/Mac Dre Dubs piece, the giant Steph Curry mural off 880 South Bound, to the Oakland Marriott homage to "All Things Oakland". I've known Krupt since [...]

“Sketching the Surface” Challenge

We're excited to team up with Dranks and Draws for an extra special sketch night at 1AM Oakland Generator... participants have the chance to design and paint a public mural! We believe that art and creative expression in public spaces has immense impact for provoking inspiration, conversations, and community engagement. Freedom of speech is what 1AM stands for so with this event, we are scratching and sketching the surface of what our amazing art community can create. Each Sketching the Surface event will feature a new central theme disclosed at the start [...]

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Upcoming Panel Talk at our Downtown Oakland Warehouse

First Amendment Gallery is excited to host “Art To Empire”, a diverse panel talk exploring how to survive as an artist in the Bay Area--defining the art hustle. The panel is made up of some of our local artistic influencers, touching on topics such as gallery insight, personal branding, and industry do’s & don’ts. Bring questions, the floor will be opened for a Q&A after the discussion for creative industry tips! As 1AM has just reached its 8th year in San Francisco, we want to continue sharing our tools and resources to [...]

Learn to draw letter styles for your birthday this year!

Previous 1AM student William chose 1AM to host his birthday party this year and brought all of his friends for a quick history lesson and drawing session with our teacher Ethan. The kids got to do some spray practice, create a birthday tag wall and celebrate with pizza and cupcakes! Email privateevents@1AMSF.com to setup a birthday party today!

5 Reasons why developed cities can’t escape mother nature…

The concrete jungle is common amongst many of the larger cities.  Often sheltered from wildlife, we found these 5 great street art pieces that seem to inject the notion that the we aren't alone and the wild is not to be forgotten.  Check out the 1AM Mobile App for other great finds, or start your own urban expedition with the app as a guide. Photo by shimmyyy in San Francisco Photo by StreetartUK in London Photo by Alpha in San Francisco Photo by dgrader in [...]

Oakland’s WARRIORS and art scene have arrived!

Over the years, I've watched the Warriors Basketball team and street art scene both evolve and grow into new heights of distinction and prominence.  This week's clips are just a taste of what Oakland is from the 1AM Mobile App.  Don't sleep on Oakland, or you'll get burned and then splash brothered! Photo by Lea-Bruno Photo by kNOwHOPE Photo by Bam Photo by tigerbeat Photo by BAM Photo by Sputnik77

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C.R.E.A.M. rises with 1AM’s custom mural for Ribbitcap

Wu Tang's epic phrase, Cash Rules Everything Around Me, stands the test of time.  Revived by RibbitCapital's desire for a custom mural by 1AM, we took Wu Tang's inspirational words and added a modern twist.  Can you tell what the latest currency in the mural is?  If you need a mural to bring your vision to life, email murals@1amsf.com.