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5 Reasons why developed cities can’t escape mother nature…

The concrete jungle is common amongst many of the larger cities.  Often sheltered from wildlife, we found these 5 great street art pieces that seem to inject the notion that the we aren't alone and the wild is not to be forgotten.  Check out the 1AM Mobile App for other great finds, or start your own urban expedition with the app as a guide. Photo by shimmyyy in San Francisco Photo by StreetartUK in London Photo by Alpha in San Francisco Photo by dgrader in [...]

5 Reasons why BIGGER is better in Street Art

Size matters.... and so does location and complexity, but some really know how to excel in all three.  For all of us who've painted large walls, or seen the process in action, this weeks highlights pays homage to those that go big.  Not all these still exist to see in real life, but you can find current and past pieces like this on the 1AM Mobile App. Photo by tigerbeat in New York Photo by Shine in San Francisco Photo by dgrader in Miami Photo by [...]