How Does Team Building Events Help Your Business Grow?

Graffiti Team building exercises are a great way to get out of the office and bond with your coworkers. Through these fun and exciting exercises, employees will learn about each other personally, professionally, and emotionally which will lead to greater trust between them. Not only that but team-building activities can also be used as stress relievers. These activities are great stress relievers because they give employees an opportunity to unwind through physical activity, which is proven to reduce anxiety. Working under pressure every day can have negative effects on our mental health [...]

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Opening Reception – “REAL ICKY”

Congratulations to Erik Bender on a great opening reception for his latest solo exhibition, “REAL ICKY,” and thank you to all the friends and family that joined in on the celebration! See more after the jump!

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Q & A with Erik Bender

First Amendment caught up with interdisciplinary artist, Erik Bender, in his Oakland studio and had him break down the processes and reconcilement of ideologies for his latest series of 2D and 3D works in “REAL ICKY,” opening up this weekend. Read more after the jump!

Press Release – REAL ICKY by Erik Bender

First Amendment Gallery is pleased to announce, “REAL ICKY,” a new solo exhibition by Bay Area artist, Erik Bender. Set in a noir-esque city of heightened tension and high stakes, Bender’s wide-eyed, youthful figures employ magic to duck around corners and tuck into the cuts, hiding from the spectral forces of the law. Read more after the jump!

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Q & A with Stacey Rozich

For her upcoming solo exhibition, “Some Sort of Disrepair,” Stacey Rozich reflects on the paths that have brought her to the present as well as the blocks she’s overcome to reveal an authentic creative trajectory highlighted by her masterful and familiar painting techniques. Read more after the jump!

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Press Release – Some Sort of Disrepair by Stacey Rozich

First Amendment Gallery is pleased to announce, “Some Sort of Disrepair,” a new solo exhibition by illustrator and artist, Stacey Rozich.

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Q & A with Henry Fey

In anticipation of Henry Fey’s latest installation-based work, “Potholes,” we asked the Los Angeles-based artist for a glimpse into his process, his thoughts on the value of nostalgia in a scroll-happy digital era, and how he has reconciled his own overconsumption of imagery. More after the jump!

Opening Reception | “Betty Number 22 Taken Down”

We at First Amendment Gallery would like to thank everyone that made it out to the opening reception of “Betty Number 22 Taken Down” by Oliver Hawk Holden, currently on view in Downtown San Francisco with First Amendment Gallery for the month of May. Learn more after the jump.