Mando Marie talks to 1AM about “One Trick” a Solo Show

//Mando Marie talks to 1AM about “One Trick” a Solo Show

Mando Marie talks to 1AM about “One Trick” a Solo Show

We are getting deeper into the mind of Mando Marie this week. With her upcoming solo show June 2nd at First Amendment Gallery we decided to learn more about what this body of work represents and how it came to be. Mando Marie has made a name for herself as a female street artist who can hang with the rest of them, primarily using stencil and spray she works on large scale murals all around the world but has also proven herself to be a talented exhibition artist. Here is what she had to say about her style, the show and whats up next for Mando Marie.

1AM: You recently moved to Amsterdam from the states. How has this affected your art and inspirations?

MM: Here I have the time to practice and the space to grow. I am blessed to have a really beautiful studio in a cool old anatomy building. The studio is backed up against a beautiful park…bike rides and boat rides help keep me sane. Living in Amsterdam is a blessing all by itself, it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

1AM: When did you discover stencil and spray paint were your medium of choice?

MM: I was living in Colorado and going to school at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. There was a great group of ‘makers’ in the community at the time. I was trying a bit of everything. Stencils, and spray paint are just a couple of the techniques/tools I found at that time that I still use today.

1AM: Your work has been described by many as dreamy and nostalgic. Do you think this is an accurate description for your style?

MM: Sure. It depends on the piece. The dreamscapes, falling/floating girls are very much that. It’s certainly a nice way for me to engage an audience.

1AM: You talk about how artistic expression should be fun. Do you consider your process mostly enjoyable and lighthearted as your works develop or are there painful parts to your process as well?

MM: Definitely a bit of both. Always searching for the balance between the two. The Rush of coming up with a new painting that I love is a ‘high’ I can only get by pressing through the struggling part of the process. Lots of Trial and Error to find solutions. Just have to keep putting the miles on the brush.











1AM: Young girls and wolves seem to be some of your favorite subject matter. What lead you to chose these characters and how do they relate to your work?

MM: These characters I have continued to be able to grow and morph over the years. They primarily illustrate the duality I believe we all have inside of us.

1AM: You decided to name the show “One Trick.” Why that name and what narrative are you telling through this exhibition?

MM: Someone once said to me ‘you don’t want to be a one trick pony’. Someone also once said to me ‘ you don’t have to reinvent the wheel’. Opposite views, both true. Finding the balance is what I’m looking for.













1AM: How is this body of work different from those in the past? Did you learn anything new while working on the upcoming show?

MM: Well, all of the paintings are new, so automatically it’s different from the work from the past. At the same time, I don’t want to stray too far from the visual language that I’ve come to be recognized for. To feel satisfied though I have to find new ways to communicate with the always expanding images in my visual library.

1AM: Do you have any exciting projects coming up? What’s next after the show?

MM: Right after this The Lost Object and I have a mural collaboration with the curator for the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art in Oregon. In September, I have a cool show coming up in Chicago with ‘Line Dot’, which is the second gallery of Patrick Hull of Vertical Gallery. We’ve worked together a few times, but this is the biggest project with them so far.


Please join us for the opening reception of Mando Marie’s solo show “One Trick” in downtown San Francisco on Saturday June 2nd from 12-8. Mando will be in attendance and we will be celebrating her new work with drinks and good company. To be added to the collectors preview or for any inquiries contact 



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