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Artist Spotlight Luke Pelletier

First Amendment Gallery is thrilled to introduce Luke Pelletier as our artist spotlight. Luke Pelletier has three works on display at our group show “Natural Plain”, open until October 26th. He is based out of Los Angeles, but grew up in North Carolina. He is a young artist, sculptor, printmaker, and musician with a noteworthy amount of talent. He earned a BFA from the School of Art Institute Chicago in 2015. Living in such a popular tourist destination like LA, Pelletier is influenced to paint what he sees. This includes vibrant colors, pop symbolism, and culture clashes in a “decaying paradise”. The theme of Americana is rampant throughout his fun, cartoonish imagery- with a twist of dark humor.




Pelletier’s work both celebrates and condemns the tourist. As a local, he experiences the seasonal wave of people from different cities that have come to marvel at the glitz and glamor of celebrity lifestyles among the palm trees. It’s easy to poke fun at the gawking tourist, but the city also depends on these visitors for their money. The relationship between the local and the tourist is a blurred line. Pelletier explores the relationship through nostalgic colors and imagery of Americana, reminding us of cheap motels and postcards from tropical destinations.





Pelletier is constantly churning out new projects, from installations to comics. Keep up to date with his work on his blog. To collect an original artwork of your own contact and visit First Amendment Gallery to see “Natural Plain”, showing through October 26th. 




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