Saddo Artist Spotlight

Saddo Artist Spotlight

First Amendment Gallery is proud to spotlight the up and coming artist, Saddo, otherwise known as Raul Oprea. He is a Romanian artist, illustrator and muralist who founded one of the first Romanian street art collectives “The Playground”. He has an impressive list of collaborations with international galleries from Glasgow, Stockholm and Berlin, just to name a few. He currently has two pieces on display in a group show, “Natural Plain” at First Amendment Gallery exhibiting until October 26th.

Stories of Violence 1 by saddo


Saddo earned his education at Art University in Cluj Napoca, Romania, but found himself unlearning the formalities of high brow art in order to adopt a more “fresh” style- using graffiti, comics, and horror as muses. He creates work with a range of themes that have been constantly evolving and improving. These themes include death, mythology, war, religion, and natural science. He draws inspiration from painters of the 15th – 17th centuries like Giuseppe Arcimboldo and Bosch. He cites street art as a big influence, as it lets him feel the most “loose” and connected with a larger group of people. His massive murals are a sight to behold, existing in Bangkok, Budapest, Bosnia, Morocco, and Canada.




Saddo’s first solo show “Rise of The Bird People” at Objectos Misturados Gallery in Portugal was a profound series of bird portraits that assume the roles of conquerors in a dystopian future. He imagines this race of war hungry super-birds that replace human history with a savage mythical world. Saddo’s ability to create strange new creatures with visually stunning painting techniques will leave you curious and wanting more. Keep up to date with Saddo’s new project which include fun portraits of hip-hop rappers by liking his Facebook pageTo collect an original artwork of your own contact and visit First Amendment Gallery to see “Natural Plain”, showing through October 26th. 






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