Sen2 Manystyles: Beyond the Canvas!

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Sen2 Manystyles: Beyond the Canvas!

As many aspiring streetwear designers have done before him, Sen2 made his first move into apparel design by customizing sneakers. Now you’ll find Sen2’s apparel designs at Dirty Waters, a lifestyle brand created by Steve Chickazola and artist TaskOne in 2003. Simultaneously integrating Americana and street art into its aesthetic, the brand makes one thing clear from the start: it reps NYC. Summed up nicely by an eloquent blurb from their mission statement:”Where vintage Americana and street culture meet, you find Dirty Waters.” Sen2’s 1AM Gallery show, “A Declaration of Color,” opens THIS Thursday, 6:30-9:30PM! Meet the artist, grab some drinks, and check out some legit graff art fresh from New York City!

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