Made in China™

Made in China is an exhibit laced with a collection of counterfeit pieces, fake replicas of other artists’ work but with a tongue-in-cheek twist. For their debut 1AM Gallery show, XEME and SINIC appropriated imagery and style from big names like Banksy, Haring, Fairey, Murakami, and Warhol, and inject their own flavor and humor. The collection ultimately calls into question the nature of authorship and authenticity. The idea of ownership in the graffiti art world has always been sketchy, but XEME and SINIC’s work goes beyond the art world providing a social commentary on consumerism at large. Click “Read more” to see how they have revamped some of the most recognizable pieces out there. "The social study - 8" by Xeme“The Social Study – 8” by XEME (Banksy & BNE)

Kim the Great by SINIC” Kim the Great” by SINIC (Shepard Fairey)

I Don't Care“I Don’t Care” by SINIC (Keith Haring)

"The unhappy flower - 1" by Xeme“The Unhappy Flower – 1” by XEME (Takashi Murakami)

White Louis by XEME “White Louis” by XEME (Louis Vuitton)

Click here to read more about the show on Artslant Street and see the whole collection on our show page or online store. For any inquiries, contact

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