Sketches on Walls

Sketches on Walls

Athens-based artist iNO has brought his surrealistic visions to the streets since 2000. His murals have a haunting dreamlike quality with figures gently weaving in and out of each other. As part of his “Sketches on Walls” project, iNO decided to recapture that same essence on a significantly smaller scale in a series of drawings depicting murals he has completed through the years. For our current show, “A Major Minority,” is exhibiting some of these drawings depicting iNO‘s walls in Athens, Naoussa, and Miami. Take a look at a couple of his beautiful walls and check out one of his drawings from the “Major Minority” exhibition.

"No Future" Wall in Athens, Greece “No Future” Wall in Athens, Greece

"No Future" by Ino“No Future” by Ino, Pencil on Paper

"In Heaven With You" Wall in Miami, Florida“In Heaven With You” Wall in Miami, Florida

“A Major Minority” will be on display at 1AM Gallery until April 12th. For more information or to request a catalogue, contact

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