James Brown interviews RC Work for “Clash of the Titans”

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James Brown interviews RC Work for “Clash of the Titans”

Curator James Brown interviewed 1:6 artist RC Work for a quick pre-show interview. Read up before the show opening on Friday, January 10th! Please email Maya@1AMSF.com for an online catalog. IMG_1261

RC Work, tell me a bit more about the Forgotten World series, this has been a long labor of love, with so many great designs. Is there a plan to do a larger run of toys ?

Actually I wanna create a space where it’s a bit out of reality. It’s very important to build up the atmosphere of the series the most in the beginning. You can find that the whole series is connected between the nature and the human being. There are many different kinds of people or creatures who bear their own responsibility or characters and I wanna show how the human being reacts under unstable situations.

What are your favorite toys in our collection?
Its hard to say which particular figure I like the most cause they are all designed and scripted by my hands. During the whole creating process I understand more, whether it’s the figure’s character or the way of the whole series.
What work and stories inspire you?
Regarding the inspiration of the creation, I guess it comes from our normal daily life. When the rhythm of the lifestyle gets faster and faster, the tension and uncertainty the society just makes it hard to breathe, therefore I know it’s time to give myself some air, and I do wanna share this space to others who may feel the same way too.
What advice would you give to people looking to get into designing in 1:6?
One thing I wanna share to those who want to get into 1:6 is just do what you want to express yourself. Go ahead and enjoy!!
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