Ax2 Studio to be featured in 1AM’s 1/6 Show

//Ax2 Studio to be featured in 1AM’s 1/6 Show

Ax2 Studio to be featured in 1AM’s 1/6 Show

Start-up production studio, Ax2, creates custom designs and products for sale on their online warehouse. They are a team of artists from various backgrounds who collaborate and craft new works for their avid followers. Expect to see some of their fresh designs straight from their home base in LA this January only at 1AM!  Meanwhile, take a look at some of their work and an exclusive interview below.223979_433121003385963_315221364_n


Tell me a bit of what’s new with the company?

A: 1st, we will be joining the upcoming exhibition of the 1:6 Clash of the Titans in SF. Later on in May, we will be attending another Expo event over in Bangkok, Thailand. Certainly, there will be new projects announcement soon along with these events. We have a handful of cool stuff to share in 2014, and we hope you all would love them, because we have truly dedicated a lot in them.

I loved the original design you first did and I know many people wanted to see more in the future any plans?

A: To be honest with you, it is beyond our expectation to receive such high compliment and support from both our fans and partners. We like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who digs our work.

With regards to our plans to the future, we will be introducing another new series named “Inu & Saru”, which will be announcing shortly. In addition, there will be a crossover project together with “Inu & Saru” as well. On the other hand, we have been working hard on the next BOOM! character, and we are still refining the details.

In short, 2014 is a very excited year to AX2, we have a lot more to share, to response all our great supporters. Please stay tuned with us, we hope you will be as excited as we are.

The paint apps are looking amazing, as are the tailoring. Tell me a bit about the process and what the average design time is for you guys.

A: Normally to come up a design, it roughly takes us up to 2~4months, it depends on how complicated the design is and we will never compromise on the quality. Therefore, it is hard to give a definite time.

Are there plans for a story? I know many collectors love to read and learn more about the characters

A: We definitely desire to present the stories behind each of our characters in every series. When we design every character or series, there is always a message or value we hope to share through them, and we would love to acknowledge our collectors with these information. Currently, we have been working on the comic-book for BOOM!, and as to Inu & Saru, there will be an art book for our fans to learn the stories and more.

How do you go through the character design process?

A: Our creative director AF will come up a drafted idea with some doodle sketches first, our lead artists will follow his direction to nail down the design, then our 3D specialist will bring them to live.

What are your favorite inspirations?

A: We are inspired by all sorts of things, the most common sources used by our crew are the art books and movies.

What artists / designs do you collect?

A: There are many things we collect, books, toys and etc. If the question is about toy collecting, our members collect mostly 12 inch figures and vinyl toys. As to the specific designers, there are too many to mention, for examples: Kow Yokoyama, Phil Hale, Katsuhiro Otomo, Ashley Wood and more. Actually, we collect everything that would amaze us.


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