Eduardo Kobra – Creativity and Community

//Eduardo Kobra – Creativity and Community

Eduardo Kobra – Creativity and Community

We are so excited for our December artist,Eduardo Kobra, to bring his vibrant and striking style into the gallery. Known for his large scale public murals, Kobra has been painting around the world for years with his unique “Walls of Memory” approach to his art. After researching a city’s history in local archives and libraries, he creates a site-specific mural that allows viewers to catch a glimpse of a street scene or influential person from history. Dancing between nostalgic memory and modernity, Kobra’s kaleidoscopic work can bring about a moment of reflection through its historic nature. Mural by Eduardo Kobra Photo Credit:
By creating pieces like this in public spaces with his archival approach, viewers may have a moment of reminiscence and wonderment. Community representation is something which makes street art so special and important. It is a way to give voice to a community, and also serve as a new kind of archive. To have Kobra display his smaller indoor works in our gallery is a true honor and treat, as he is largely known for his murals. We cannot be more thrilled to have him before the new year!

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