Legolize It Man’s art travels to SF!

//Legolize It Man’s art travels to SF!

Legolize It Man’s art travels to SF!

The ever elusive Legolize It Man, a 35-year-old concept artist in the Game industry who lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden, is also a musician! In fact, he played in two different bands, Coyote and Twopointeight. He discovered his love for Lego’s when his “dad came by with [his] old Lego’s, asking if the kids wanted it to play with them,” which apparently was a stupid question as they ended up playing on the floor for about three months in a row. He says, “Eventually [my daughter] left for other stuff while I was stuck on the floor for ever.”

W.C.H. Print by Legolize It Man


Designing Outside The Lines will be exhibiting from April 26th through May 25th. For more information, email

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