JOSH MAYHEM X The Demon Fett

//JOSH MAYHEM X The Demon Fett

JOSH MAYHEM X The Demon Fett

Check out Josh Mayhem’s piece The Demon Fett– a custom Boba Fett Lego Clock / Lego Hero Factory mash-up for the Designing Outside The Lines here at 1AM Gallery. Made out of 100% Lego Toys believe it or not. Yes, even the cape! (Whaaatt?!) It stands 12″ tall and the cape is adjustable. Mayhem’s cutting-edge toy proves how much Lego’s have evolved and are way cooler then they used to be. Who knew you could make a legit designer toy out of Lego’s from Target?

Designing Outside The Lines will be exhibiting from April 26th through May 25th. For information or to be part of the preview, email




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