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Comic Relief x Interview with Hydro74

Earlier this month, before the opening of “Rednecks & Aztecs“, we interviewed the artists to get information on the show. Below are Hydro74’s answers- although unhelpful, they are by far the most comical replies we’ve gotten and certainly pay tribute to his character so we thought we’d share. Plus, it’d be selfish to keep these gems to ourselves. Mervin by Hydro74
Please describe your pieces that will be in the show/what mediums are they?

A bunch of things to create the illusion I’m a artist that was inspired by something I saw while eating pork and beans and drowning my sorrows in cheap whiskey. Some ink on paper, some other types of ink on paper and some paper on on glue.

Significance? I’m a redneck, he’s a Aztec… Best I could come up with considering I was drinking moonshine at 3am. How it ties in, well, hopefully it doesn’t otherwise it might have looked like this was planned!

What’s the theme/reason behind the images in your pieces?

Well you know, in one’s spiritual outlook on life when they drop way too much acid in the Adobe desert, they are guided by their spirit animal on a journey and for some odd reason mine was a road killed raccoon. During this journey he asked me “beaceha…gasp, gaaaasp” which I understood as “Joshua the mighty Vector Wizard of Florida, you should create some skulls and shit”. When I came to reality in some truck stop Waffle house surrounded by a couple hundred truck stop condoms I bought from the vending machine I told my self “YES.. I WILL DRAW A SKULL AND BRING ORDER TO THE UNIVERSE”. Sadly when I said this out loud and due to the LSD overdose I said “I LIKE THE COLOR APPLE” which I believe was code for something because it was soon followed up by a horrid beating from manly women truckers.

Not sure if this is a true story or not, but my wizard like mouse clicking skills will create a skull and maybe a owl and my dead raccoon spirit guide will be at piece and able to cross the river Styx while listening to Mr Roboto. So say we all!

What’s similar and different about your guys’ styles?

Not sure since I met Jesse on Craigslist. The only one who answered back to me and wasn’t trolling.

What should fans and visitors expect to see in this show?

Hopefully nothing phallic, really don’t want to get kicked off instagram again.

What is awesome/makes this show different than others you’ve done in the past?

Ah, good question. What makes this awesome is that I’m bringing my own beer this time. How it’s different, less wood.

Thanks for the comic relief, Hydro!

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