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“In the world of graffiti and massive urban murals, Pemex is a hard name to overlook. He’s paid plenty of dues getting his hands dirty and raised through the ranks to be one of the most renowned urban artists putting in work up and down California. Born and raised in South Central Los Angeles, Pemex was able to do what few others were- to process his experience and channel it with strength and resilience into an art career.”"Death" by Pemex "Conquest" by Pemex
“Watching him draw is a thing to behold, sitting down to a blank page and diving straight in with his pen, hitting each line with total precision. Outside, with a can in his hand, he is no less awe inspiring. His street work is savage and unrelenting, stylish and possessing in it a humor and history unique to the artist himself.

Being no stranger to the theme of Reckoning, Pemex drew on his life experiences to create this body of work. Reflecting his own blend of influences, his work draws on symbols that range from biblical to pagan, spanning a long arc of apocalyptic folklore to comment on the contemporary state of the world, highlighting an obscene and self-indulgent culture out of balance.” – Leon Loucheur

Check out his works in “Reckoning” at the gallery until October 27th.

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