Optimist is the consummate Bay Area art assassin. From his effortless hand styles to his highly rendered acrylic paintings, he aims to kill and doesn’t miss. Throughout his years of traveling the world writing graffiti, Optimist has developed the keen eye of an observer, taking in his ever-new environments, processing and interpreting their symbols, and reorganizing them into the language of his own personal experience.”"Tomorrow Is A Long Time" by Optimist "With God On Our Side" by Optimist
“His work for “Reckoning” was painted using reference photos he took during his travels. They represent the tension between the natural animal world and an advancing army of machines, the march of destruction and materialism that overcomes nature and the local regionalism of the world. Still, he provides a beacon of optimism, anchoring his images
with a central, positive symbol. It’s the balancing act at the heart of one of the Bay Area’s best.” – Leon Loucheur

To see Optimist’s work in person, come down to the gallery!
Reckoning” runs until October 27th.

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