Vogue TDK returns to 1AM with more than just art!

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Vogue TDK returns to 1AM with more than just art!

Since our show with Vogue last year, Memoirs of Vogue, we have reconnected to make him a deeper part of the 1AM circle. Not only will he be doing a solo show with us March 2013 but we have brought him on as a teacher amongst Nate1 and Lily Black. Vogue TDK will be teaching Can Control Class, an intensive technique class occurring on the 1AM rooftop focusing on can control and techniques from the graffiti master! Mural by Vogue at Cal Expo Amphitheater "Teenage Love" by Vogue You can’t talk about Bay Area Graffiti, without mentioning Vogue of the TDK crew. Vogue was Mike “Dream” Francisco’s partner in crime in the 80′s and one of the first members of their infamous TDK crew. As a student at the Academy of Art, Vogue would rip out pages of black and white photos from Elle Magazine from the school library and use them as reference for his gigantic female wall portraits.

Vogue has not only raised the bar for Bay Area graffiti writers, but has influenced writers at a national level after winning 1st place in the 2009 Estria Invitational Graffiti Battle. He inspires younger writers to not only practice their lettering styles, but to also perfect their painting technique. “You have to be good in all aspects of graffiti. Letters, characters and background concepts.”

To find out more about Vogue’s Can Control Class, visit our Classes Page.
For other information on Vogue, email info(at)1AMSF(dot)com or visit Voguesworld.com.

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