Behind Show-Stopper “Herukas” by Sam Rodriguez

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Behind Show-Stopper “Herukas” by Sam Rodriguez

At the top of the SF Chronicle article featuring The Composite Knowledge was “Herukas”- the mighty four-paneled portrait painting by Sam Rodriguez. Not your typical portrait; Sam chose to split the woman’s face into four sections with the entire right side being a mythical representation. Many gallery visitors have been stunned by “Herukas”, peaking their curiosity and causing us to investigate the inspiration behind the work:
"Herukas" by Sam Rodriguez Artist Sam Rodriguez says: “the ‘Herukas’ (recognizable on the entire right side) as Tibetan Buddhists call them, are wrathful deities that look very fierce and scary and are meant to benefit sentient beings for the purpose of dissolving fierce ‘demons’ that encourage suffering towards us (a.k.a. our personal demons). So for me, this painting is about the dualities that we experience both on the outside due to physical traits, and on the inside as complex minds struggling with opposing energies.”

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