What’s Behind The Hype of “MOST WANTED”?

//What’s Behind The Hype of “MOST WANTED”?

What’s Behind The Hype of “MOST WANTED”?

“Jack T., The Shining Bear” by Sergio Mancini
Behind the hype of “MOST WANTED” is a close-knit community of vinyl toy-makers bouncing ideas and advice off of each other and striving to make better, more innovative, off-the-wall toys! As many will tell you, some have been obsessed with vinyl toys and the making of them for years. What’s great about the toy world is that it’s relatively small, close-knit, and artists are in contact with each other discussing techniques, critiquing in-progress work, and spreading the word about awesome artists, pieces and events happening all around the world!

There are toy communities everywhere- from forums, to blogs, to websites and more. The KidRobot forum is one of the most popular but a group of artists in our show are part of Red Mutuca Studios, a small toy community collective. Our show features 7 out of the 8 involved in the Red Mutuca Studios collective including: Grimsheep, Tim Munz, Luihz Unreal, Igor Ventura, Sergio Mancini, Matucha, and RunDMB. It’s wonderful to see an example of a art community that is positive with its critique, support, and ability to showcase great artists in one place. Stay tuned for interviews with James Brown and Manny Rivas about how they did it!
MOST WANTED: BEHIND THE HYPE” will be showing until June 10th, 2012. To see the list of toys still available for sale.

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