Featured Artist: NIKEJERK

//Featured Artist: NIKEJERK

Featured Artist: NIKEJERK

“Arrr-Manda Too!” by Nikejerk

In our current exhibition, “MOST WANTED: BEHIND THE HYPE,” featured artist, Nikejerk, submitted two pieces displayed like Russian dolls: one consisting of three Dunnys and another piece containing 4 Dunnys, the largest being 20 inches! In the show, Nikejerk takes the prize for the biggest Dunny and kudos for the innovative idea of using magnets to keep the toy parts together.

Nikejerk’s story of how he got into customizing toys starts out with him as a commercial designer. After 2 years, he got the itch to get off the computer and physically make something. He had stumbled upon the urban vinyl scene while interning in New York City in early 2006 and when he finally decided to do his first Dunny series in April of 2009 things just clicked. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Dunny’s sold out in under a minute and he has essentially been booked solid doing commissions ever since.

Nikejerk is highly influenced by pop culture including film, comics, television and video games. His true passion is commissions because of the opportunity to create an intimate 1-of-a kind art piece designed, catered and made specifically for the collector. He finds that when the collector and himself have common interests, the work benefits exponentially. The thing that he prides himself most in is continually striving for innovation and experimentation. Because of this, with each new commission it becomes more difficult to be unique and thus each piece becomes more and more complex. He’s always searching for ways to work with new materials, new processes and new platforms, and constantly trying to add skills and experience to his arsenal of creative weapons.

Interested in Nikejerk’s work? Click here.
“MOST WANTED: BEHIND THE HYPE” will be showing until June 10, 2012.

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