NEVERCREW: Artist Spotlight!

//NEVERCREW: Artist Spotlight!

NEVERCREW: Artist Spotlight!

A lazy bat that prefers comfort: “Apartment Bat” by NEVERCREW
2nd place for “Best Animal Design” from the Munnyworld Megacontest, 2011.

The Swiss duo, NEVERCREW, started in 1996 doing graffiti, drawings, and graphics. Since then, they have always tried to blend their reciprocal passions from the old and new to create, build, have fun, evolve (and maybe communicate). Over the years they have mixed elements of graphics, collage, and lettering with those of street art, graffiti, and traditional painting. In their work they use the atmosphere and structure of the metropolis combined with their memories and dreams.

The main sources of their concepts are exploration, space travels, changing point of views, empathy, proportions and connections. There is a strong interaction between the different environments (which include real, fictional and surreal elements, objects, ambiances and feelings, disproportions and links to everyday life and reality). They love to create evocative situations, thoughts, new creatures and new worlds, and communicate specific ideas and concepts about our modern reality and society.

Their main artworks include: the “Octopus” painting at the Skatepark of Lugano (CH), the “Daydream in a Box” painting (CH), the live painting at the Volvo Art Session in Zürich (CH), the first place in the “Best Minimalist Design” category in the MunnyWorld Megacontest of Kidrobot, the “Sluggy P” art-toy character and the “Hangselm” project, a customizable paper toy which has the purpose to involve different artists.

4″ inch Munny customs awards from the Munnyworld Megacontest, 2011:
1st place for “Best Minimalist Design” category for “Vampirized”
2nd place for “Best Animal Design” category for “Apartment Bat”
First of the “Unlucky Munnies” series is “Sand Snake’s Dinner”

Most Wanted: Behind the Hype” will be open until June 10th, 2012.


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