“OUTSIDE IN 2” Artist Spotlight: Wand

//“OUTSIDE IN 2” Artist Spotlight: Wand

“OUTSIDE IN 2” Artist Spotlight: Wand

One of the show stoppers of “Outside In 2”  is Wand.  He was able to capture movement and airiness in his whimsical pieces, a tough job to accomplish with spray paint.  We sat down with him and got in his head.

Graffiti Art by Wand @ 1AM's "Outside In 2"

1AM: How did you come up with your name?
WAND:  I went through a bunch of names and i wanted something with an :A: in it and i just liked the way the letters flowed.


What is the most epic piece you have painted?
 Hasn’t been painted yet.


When you want to get your grub on, where do you go to eat in the city? What do you order?
Fresca , a peruvian restaurant. Lomo saltado.


If you could make a dream team of graffiti artists to paint a wall, who would you want?
The wall wouldn’t be big enough , all my crew members (ICP and TM7) and friends and legends that passed away.


Other than your true identity, what is something most people don’t know about you?
I’m a jewelry designer.  I hardly ever wear tennis shoes and I hate white socks.


Check out Wand’s work in “Outside In 2”, now at 1AM through April 8th!

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