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Agents of After School Artistry

Galileo student getting down!

Last month, 1:AM had the honor of being asked to host a 2-part, after school graffiti workshop at San Francisco’s very own Galileo high school! We pounced on the opportunity to work with kids and help beautify a school. Really, how often does one get the request to spray a mural inside of a school, and to top it all off, alongside part of the student body

After school session #1: The Galileo team, comprised of 8 Galileo students and led by teachers Nate1 and Mario, took to the practice boards eagerly.  At the beginning of the workshop, everyone’s spraying skills varied across the board(pun intended),

but at the end of session #1, the students were fading and spraying their own letters and characters like it was no one’s business! Needless to say, 1:AM instructors Nate1 and Mario were impressed.

After school session #2: THE MURAL!  A handful of passionate, student artists spent some time sketching out concepts for the wall and presented them during the workshop.  We were all blown away by the creativity and talent that these students have.

Using some of the elements from their pieces, the whole team came together to create a mural for their after school room.  They came up with a dope mural that shows love for our wonderful city, and school pride.

Shout out to to Lee for contacting 1:AM about hosting a workshop at Galileo, our fresh teachers Nate1 and Mario, and last but not least, a shout out to the remarkably creative and inspiring kids at Galileo for making this mural possible.  You guys were a true pleasure to work with! Keep on drawing and painting!

If you’re interested in having a graffiti workshop for your school/team/business or want us to paint a mural for you, please contact Class Director Gina at:

Mural Art of San Francisco

Galileo team and their dope mural!

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