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Microsoft: Hittin' the Streets!

Large companies such as Nike and Sony often utilize the talent of graffiti artists for marketing purposes.В  The company”s executives form creative strategies that are intended to broadcast their corporation through forms of street art. Most say this style of advertising attempts to reach a hip, urban dwelling audience.В  A few years ago, Microsoft adopted this idea and began getting up in the streets of San Francisco. The company hired graffiti artists to paint legal pieces in the city that were intended to promote the launch of “Windows 7.” Here are some flicks of the corporate bombing at its finest:

In more recent times, jameshallison casino San Francisco Online casino residents may have encountered some of Microsoft”s newest advertisements quite literally on the streets.В  Representatives at Microsoft have admitted to stenciling messages onto the sidewalks of select neighborhoods in order to promote the release of “Windows Phone 7.” The Microsoft stencils could be found on busy sidewalks along Valencia Street and 19th Avenue.В  It”s not known what these corporate vandals used to hit up their stencils but they seemed to endure the wettest of elements.В  San Francisco city officials responded to these acts angrily and explained that Microsoft never received permits to use the stencils. Microsoft simply received a slap on the hand for the guerilla-style marketing and has been ordered to remove the illegal advertisements.

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