Spray practice fun for all, ^_^

Weeks ago, Genentech’s very own Brian G. contacted 1:AM with the idea of hosting a fun event for his team, an event to get their creative juices flowing. It was a tall order but the 1:AM crew gathered some of the best and the brightest teachers/graff artists to come together and set up a workshop for Genentech.  Weeks of planning culminated when a team of Genentech-nicians arrived at the gallery with blank decks in hand and a ready thirst for knowledge and all things spray. Led by 1:AM teacher Nate1, the team got the works: a history of graffiti lesson, a mural walk tour, stenciling and mural production.

The Genentech-nicians laughed, they cried(okay, they didn’t really cry but I added that for dramatic effect)..they spray painted skateboard decks and produced a dope mural with a color scheme reminiscent of the orangey- blue Fanta bottles I drank while growing up. All in all, Genentech team was awesome!

Thank you Genentech, for coming out and being such wonderful group. Hope those mini- spray cans came in handy for all of you aspiring graff artists. From the bottom of our aerosol-stained hearts, we welcome you back to our gallery anytime!

The Genentech “Crew” in front of their masterpiece mural

If you’re interested in throwing a graffiti workshop for your team or group of friends, contact Class Director Gina at gina@1amsf.com.

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