Graff Workshops at 1AM

Graff Workshops at 1AM

You might have heard that we offer graffiti workshops at 1AM.  What exactly happens in a graffiti workshop, you ask.  Well, employees of Paypal came in yesterday, and this is what they did:

History of Graffiti Lesson

First, we give a History of Graffiti lesson.  We go way back to the 1970s and Cornbread.  We talk about trains in New York City.  Tags, Throw-Ups, and Wildstyle.  And how graffiti culture has spread around the world.  The instructor is the knowledgeable Nate1, himself a graffiti artist for decades.

Mural Walk

Next, we take a mural walk.  There are several pieces in the neighborhood that illustrate various styles and artists.  SoMa is chock full of these gems, often hiding down little-known alleyways.


And now we put paint in their hands!  Robert shares the finer points of using a stencil and spray can.  Everyone takes home a t-shirt that they make.

And finally we get to the real fun part…

Mural Production

After being schooled in the history and techniques of graffiti and spraycan art, Paypal gets to try their hand at painting a piece.  They DO get a little help from Nate1, Robert, and Mario, though.

Look at all that beautiful Montana paint!

Not too bad, eh?

Check out all the flicks from yesterday’s workshop here.

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