1AM: Nutritional Values

//1AM: Nutritional Values

1AM: Nutritional Values

Here at 1AM, we think it’s important be a part of the community, and to engage with our clientele.  We had a great opportunity to do both of those today.  It’s often said that nothing brings people together more than food, so when our friends and one-time 1AM muralists Maher and Sahill came in today with some Real 6th Street Cuisine, we were all over it.  At least, Roman was.

YES!  What you are looking at is Flamin’ Hot Cheetos smothered in Nacho Cheese!  And THAT is what the kids are munchin’ on around here.

Sahill nomming on 6th Street goodness

See how good it is?

Close-up of the Cheesy-Cheets

MMM!!!  1AM is all about Nutritional Values.

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