XEME riffs on the BNE World Water Day fiasco

In a series of acrylic paintings created for our new show “Made in China,” Xeme appropriates famous Banksy pieces and stamps on BNE logos essentially taking a jab at what recently went down between graffiti’s most notorious players. In late March, BNE claimed to have collaborated with Banksy to produce a line of limited edition of T-shirts for his ”Artists 4 Water” campaign to benefit World Water Day. Naturally, the streetwear world was buzzing as it would have been Banksy’s very first retail product: everyone wanted a piece. A few days after the announcement, an post by Animal New York revealed that the whole collaboration was a fake, simply a scheme to use Banksy’s name to sell more T-shirts. Take a look at Xeme’s response to this recent branding fiasco and check out the rest at 1AM Gallery when “Made in China” opens this Friday, April 18th, 6:30-9:30PM.The social study - 4 by XemeThe social study - 1 by Xeme Read More »

Coming Soon to 1AM Gallery: Xeme & Sinic

1AM Gallery welcomes Hong Kong-based graffiti artists, Xeme and Sinic, for their first-ever 1AM show, “Made in China!” They are bringing works on canvas, paper, and posters that explore what it means to be truly authentic in a culture and industry where replication and production rule. Don’t miss the show opening Friday, April 18th, 6:30-9:30PM. For now, check out these in-progress pics of Xeme and Sinic at work in the studio…

Xeme & Sinic

Xeme & Sinic

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Sketches on Walls

Athens-based artist iNO has brought his surrealistic visions to the streets since 2000. His murals have a haunting dreamlike quality with figures gently weaving in and out of each other. As part of his “Sketches on Walls” project, iNO decided to recapture that same essence on a significantly smaller scale in a series of drawings depicting murals he has completed through the years. For our current show, “A Major Minority,” 1AM Gallery is exhibiting some of these drawings depicting iNO‘s walls in Athens, Naoussa, and Miami. Take a look at a couple of his beautiful walls and check out one of his drawings from the “Major Minority” exhibition. Check our store page for more on iNO and the rest of the Major Minority collection.

"No Future" Wall in Athens, Greece “No Future” Wall in Athens, Greece

"No Future" by Ino“No Future” by Ino, Pencil on Paper

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Ready, Set, Show!

The 1AM team and Graffuturism extraordinaire, Poesia, are getting prepped and ready for the EXPLOSION of a show, “A Major Minority” which opens this Friday, March 14th, 6:30-9:30! With over 100 artists from all over the world exhibiting a vast myriad of A4-sized original artworks, this opening is a Can’t-Miss for sure! Can’t wait? No probs! We’ve got your preview right here. Check out these sneak peaks!

Honeycomb 2 by Sat One “Honeycomb 2″ by Sat One

Abstract House 5 by Drew Tyndell “Abstract House 5″ by Drew Tyndell

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5 Questions with Tattoo Artist Jesico

IMG_0444Adriana: Define Tattoo. What does it represent to you?

Jesico: The art of Tattoo on a day to day sense means nothing more to me than a chance to participate in a ritual of humans that has been practiced since we lived in caves. There’s something so primal and attractive about that notion that everyone who yearns for or receives a tattoo can relate to. I believe when a society evolves to a state where leisure is abundant and practicing arts such as tattoo is conceivable, it opens doors of the mind and really expresses our sanity. I don’t believe every tattoo needs to delve so deep into our psyche because I already think that the urge to get tattooed is deep enough and an explanation for what you request is secondary, an image you adorn shouldn’t be confined to anything but should be an image (with the help of a real tattooist) you simply find attractive, the meaning exists already in your soul and your choices define you more than any image stained in your skin can ever do. Read More »

1AM Welcomes World Renowned Street Artist Eduardo Kobra

1AM is pleased to announce that we will be showing the internationally acclaimed street artist Eduardo Kobra. The show will be opening December (stay tuned for opening date!). As he is a world-renowned mural artist, chances are you’ve heard of Kobra or seen his work before. But just in case you haven’t, here’s a little tidbit about the São Paulo-based artist. Eduardo and his crew, Studio Kobra, travel the world designing and producing vibrant large-scale murals that reflect the history of the city they represent. The historical images in his murals are sourced from vintage photos which Eduardo finds in the local library archives. With each mural Eduardo aims to “recreate a city that no longer exists, so people who didn’t live in that time can see it and those who did live back then can have a moment of memory or nostalgia.” – Quote by Eduardo Kobra during an interview on Artmiami.tv.

Check out some of his work below. And if that’s not enough, you can find more on his Flickr page.

Mount Rushmore Mural in Los Angeles


Oscar Niemeyer Mural in Sao Paulo

For more information and further inquiries, contact Maya@1amsf.com

Get ready for Battle- the Estria Battle comes to 1AM!

What is the Estria Battle, you say? The Estria Battle is a national urban art festival celebrating public art while engaging youth and building community. During the festival, 16 top artists paint crazy awesome pieces right in front of you!  On top of that, The Estria Foundation organizes activities for youth and teens to explore their creative sides. There are even rewards for supporters like limited edition prints and rad gear! Live art + community + free stuff = AWESOME!

So where does 1AM fit in? Well, we have partnered with the Estria Foundation to bring to you some amazing NEW print releases from the Battle. 1AM is proud to host the Estria Battle Print Show opening this Thursday, October 3rd from 5:30-8:30 PM. Come see works by artists such as Indie 184, Poesia, Jesse Hernandez, Cope2, Risky, Estria x Angry Woebot, Doves from NYC, Defer/K2s, plus a few surprise artists! Check out some of the work below.

Don’t miss this one! The show only runs until October 26th so mark your calendars. For any questions or purchasing inquiries, feel free to email Maya@1amsf.com Estria_Kanaloa_Octopus_19.75x27.5

Estria x Angry Woebot cropped

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DIVERSION new solo show by JURNE!

Get ready for our next show, “DIVERSION”, a solo show by JURNE featuring Bay Area-themed works including hand-cut wood and paper décollage that blend abstract compositions of text and geometric patterns. We can’t wait to feature his art in our entire gallery space starting SEPTEMBER 20th, 6:30-9:30pm! Art by JURNE DIVERSION FlyerDIVERSION” will be running from September 20th through October 13th.
If you would like to be part of the preview, please email maya@1AMSF.com.


SOFLES killin’ it, epic video by Ironlak.