Interview x Christopher de Leon x STREET DREAMS

Check out the interview below with Christopher de Leon about his show “Street Dreams”:

The All-American Dream by Christopher de LeonHow did you two meet and decide to show together?

I met Eric a few years ago via Instagram. Liked his work and he always seemed down to help out with a show I was putting on here at 1AM.

Why did you choose to use pyrography (wood burning) in your works?
Pyrography is something I’ve messed around with for sometime. I’ve always wanted an chance to produce a full show with the medium. It’s a medium that is also rarely seen and done at the level that I’m trying to reach with it. In all honesty, I just like it.
What is the weirdest/craziest/most interesting interaction you’ve had with the homeless community?
Most craziest moment I’ve had with a homeless person is when I first moved here. I gave half of my subway sandwich to a guy asking for money and he took the sandwich and threw it across the street. he said he asked for “a fucking dollar and not a sandwich.”

Art Opening x “Street Dreams”!

Thanks everyone for coming to the opening last night, it was a blast! We hope to see you at the next! Street Dreams OpeningStreet Dreams Opening
“Street Dreams” will be running from February 15th through March 16th.
For more information, email

“Street Dreams” x Setup Photos x Opening Tonight!

Photographer Francis Ramos came by during the week to get some snapshots of Christopher de Leon and Eric “Emagn1” Nodora at work in the gallery. Can’t wait to open the show tonight at 6:30PM, see you there! "Street Dreams" by Francis Ramos "Street Dreams" by Francis Ramos Read More »

Christopher de Leon & Eric “Emagn1” Nodora x “Street Dreams”

1AM Gallery presents, “Street Dreams”, a two-person exhibition by Christopher de Leon and Eric “Emagn” Nodora. Illustrating the lives and spirit of the less fortunate in San Francisco.
StreetDreams by Christopher de Leon and Eric "Emagn1" Nodora In a big city where so many come with high hopes and the pursuit of a dream, life can be more than rough- it can be downright cruel and unforgiving. There are those who have had more then their fair share of misfortune and still struggle to survive. The few words scrawled onto makeshift cardboard signs do little to tell their story. Much like their dreams, these wandering urban nomads soon disappear and become one with the city’s landscape. Their outer shell may be beaten up and a little less for wear, but inside a soul still remains. Read More »

Christopher De Leon x Studio Visit for “STREET DREAMS”

We met up with Chris last week in his local studio space to get some shots of his upcoming pieces in our next show “Street Dreams” opening February 15th. Check them out below:
Studio Visit with Christopher De LeonStudio Visit with Christopher De Leon Read More »

“The Rusted Souls” // Last Day!

We’ll be saying our farewell to “The Rusted Souls” this Sunday, May 6th.

"Vigilant" by Emerson Tung

Art is: the language of the universe. The universe doesn’t speak English or any foreign language, it speaks ART.” – Karlo Santa Ana
Art is: ideas of beauty manifested in physical forms.” – Emerson Tung

Art is: everywhere” – James Garcia

“To quote Christopher De Leon

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Keep doing you.’ In other words stay honest to your work.” – James Garcia

Check out the sneak peek of our next show: “MOST WANTED: Behind the Hype

Meet Gaby: Leader of The Rusted Souls

Who is Gaby?

Gaby is an orphaned 12-year-old girl surviving in a future apocalyptic world where robots (the Mechs) slaughter and retrain any humans against them. Orphaned when her two freedom fighter parents were killed, Gaby then stumbled on a refugee camp. There she was mentored by an elderly woman with the abilities to disrupt time and space. Now with her extra-sensory powers, martial arts training and her troop, The Rusted Souls, Gaby plans to lead humanity back from the darkness and kill all robots in her way!

"Gaby in Exo-Suit" by James Garcia














A digital print by James Garcia featuring young Gaby in her Exo-Suit.

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“The Rusted Souls” // What’s The Story?

Who are they and what world do they live in?

Walk into an era where its human vs machine: Gaby and her troop of freedom fighters, The Rusted Souls, are seeking to eliminate the Mech tyrant order of robots, who torture and enslave disobeying humans. The story starts in the Utopian era, where technological advances led to the development of the artificially intelligent Mech robots. Soon, the Darkest Days fell upon Earth as the Mechs (termed “The Gress”) started enslaving and killing humans, following their plan to create their own “Utopia.”

"The Victor" by Emerson Tung

The Rusted Souls” is a Sci-fi exhibit including a variety of works such as paintings, drawings, musical installations, and digital prints all inspired by a proposed film narrative by James Garcia, curator of The Rusted Souls and featured artist.

In the show you will see work by Eve Skylar, giving the viewer an idea of the utopian and apocalyptic settings where the story takes place. In addition, there are character portraits and in-action portrayals of The Rusted Souls by James Garcia, Emerson Tung, Jesse Hernandez, Karlo Santa Ana, Christopher De Leon, Jeremy Sorrell and Ivera Pennant. A third set of works showcases the Mechs and other robots in digital prints by Dino Ignacio, acrylic/oil paintings by Christopher De Leon and more!  Two hands-on sound installations by Pu22l3 are featured on the walls that visitors can tinker with to give out different electronic noises.

So come to 1AM, make your own electronic noises and check out the art!


One of the most talked about pieces in the “Tabi Tabi Po” show is Christopher de Leon’s “The Rite”.  He is an up and coming artist who we believe is the next hot thang that is going take over the urban contemporary art scene.

Christopher de Leon being interviewed by Pia from Myx tv.

We had never met Chris until a week before the show.  Fighting a nasty cold, he dropped off his contribution and upon appraising his work, it was instantly recognized as one of the showstoppers for the exhibit.  The following Saturday, he offered James (the curator) his services to transform 1:AM gallery to a Filipino shanty town.  He was at the gallery almost day and night for the entire week leading up to the opening and  painted dope murals on the interior and exterior walls of the gallery.  He really helped to make “Tabi Tabi Po” come alive!
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1:AM gallery along with curator James “gaNyan” Garcia and artists Christopher de Leon, Dino Ignacio, Mark Canto, Marlon Sagana Ingram, Mike Boo and Alex Abalos are featured on “Myx On the Move” for our current exhibit “Tabi Tabi Po”.  The featurette will be running on Myx channel (Comcast ch. 368 and Direct TV ch. 2067) through December 12th.

THANKS TO PIA, MIGUEL, and CATHY for helping us make this happen!

Myx is a channel dedicated to music entertainment and lifestyle embracing the youth of Asian American community. You can find them at

Tabi Tabi Po at 1:AM gallery through December 12th!