“Side By Side” – Behind The Scenes!

Take an insider’s look at all the excitement and behind the scenes scoop! All the art and artists have arrived safely from Florida, in the midst of this rainstorm. It’s been so much fun opening art packages and getting to know Tes One and Bask. Can’t say enough good things about them and their awesome art! Meet them for yourself at the “Side By Side” opening night this Friday, December 5th at 6:30pm.
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Street Art and Social Change: Dan Witz and Notions of Freedom

Prolific New York based street artist and realist painter, Dan Witz, recently completed two large paintings for Urban Nation Project M/6, curated by Jonathan LeVine. In his photorealistic style and the his familiar imagery of figures behind bars and grates, Witz has brought attention to detention, incarceration, and notions of freedom through his pieces for the show.

Dan Witz 2 photo by Henrik Haven

photo by Henrik Haven

You cannot look into the history of street art without coming across Witz, with him beginning his street art career in the 1970s. This street art pioneer has remained active since – legally and illegally – on the street and off. We applaud Witz’s continual addressing of social issues with his artwork!

Dan Witz 1 photo by Henrik Haven

photo by Henrik Haven


These pieces, in particular, reminded us of this incredible collaborative project he was a part of with Amnesty International in 2013 – Wailing Walls: Against Injustice. Take a look!


Sneak Peek “Side By Side” opening this THURSDAY!

1AM Gallery is pleased to present, “Side By Side”, opening December 5th, 6:30 – 9:30 pm, showcasing Florida based artists, Bask and Tes One. This exhibition signifies much more than the arrangement of their works; it also marks a 20-year friendship founded on graffiti art, comic books and intemperate creativity. From a small crew of writers (SBS), grew unique and signature artistic styles that propelled their works around the world, inside galleries and outside of conventions.

Bear With Me by Tes One

Bear With Me by Tes One

Tes One’s conceptual paintings are assembled from the foundation up; color and cast blanket organic substrates. Incorporating movement within his work brings his energy and message to the viewer, emotions envelope and hold focus.

Work In Progress by Bask

Untitled by Bask

Bask’s richly textural work imbue his “anti-iconic,” sometimes satirical worldview with an undercurrent of dark emotion. Combining his graphic skill with his trademark of multi-layered applications, Bask builds up the surface only to break down the image.

To preview art catalog or for media inquiries, please email ANU@1AMSF.com.

1AM Mobile’s “Best of the Week”

Here is the latest uploads from our 1AM Mobile community of artwork from all over the globe.  Thanks cvanloos and Alpha for the finds.  Find out more about how to get involved with 1AM Mobile.

cvanloos_San FranciscoAlpha_Hawaii Alpha_Hawaii3 Alpha_Hawaii2

Happy Thanksgiving from 1AM Family!!

Holidays are a very special time of year, reminding us that our lives are indeed filled with abundance and offering us opportunities to share our many blessings with people we hold dear. Today we express our gratitude that you have all joined our community. Wishing you peace and joy this very special day, and everyday!





Street Art and Social Change: new mural in Ciudad Juarez by Ever


A tribute mural to the 43 disappeared students in Mexico was recently painted by Argentinean artist, Ever on the streets of Ciudad Juarez. The mural, employing Ever’s usual vibrant colors and human figures, pays homage to the student group whose bus went missing on September 26th in Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico. Governmental statements have said that the students’ bus was stopped by local police on their way to a protest in the town of Iguala, when they were handed over to the drug cartel, Guerreros Unidos. After that many reports, stories, and speculations have surfaced as to what has happened to the students. The truth is still being called for by parents of the disappeared and others outraged by the event.


Ever has been traveling and painting around the world for years now, and we have loved seeing his large-scale, compelling imagery develop! He often paints images that touch on power, nationalism, and the oppressed. With rising protests and calling for answers from Mexican government by tens of thousands of protesters and activists around Mexico, we hope that Ever’s mural and other’s art can raise awareness to this horrific incident.


Pappa’s Group paints “Unthink” and “Be Brave”!

We had a great time with the team from Pappa’s Group last week who learned about the history of graffiti and took an introductory lesson in spray painting. They painted two of our favorite messages so far to adorn their office space! Pappa's Group Workshop! Pappa's Group Workshop! Pappa's Group Workshop! To setup a workshop for your team email privateevents@1AMSF.com.

1AM Mobile’s “Best of the Week”

From France to Texas to California, our 1AM Mobile community has another set of art in the streets.  Thanks pecas, kolorslab, mattnuss, and workhardplayharderer.  Get hooked on the international street art movement by viewing, or uploading pictures wherever you are.  Learn more and download the free app!

pecas_San Antoinio, TX CRowe807_San Francisco, CA mattnuss_Los Angeles, CA kolorslab_nantes, France

Palantir comes to “Save the Shire!”

The innovative team from Palantir busted out a sweet mural during their team building workshop last week. As group fans of the Lord of the Rings they chose to paint a “Save the Shire” mural, environmental undertone there? Either way, it’s one of our favorites! Palantir Workshop! Palantir Workshop! To setup a workshop with your team, email privateevents@gmail.com.

1AM Mobile’s “Best of the Week”

Vogue’s “West Side is the Best Side” followed by a Championship San Francisco Giants mural make this week sweeter than most.  You have to see them up close and personal so download the app to find out where they are.  Thanks fuming_guerilla, xLe, kolorslab, Msjosephine, and Alpha for the finds.  Find our more about 1AM Mobile here.

VogueWallGoGiantsFaces Pink elephant BirdWall