Fastly stopped by 1AM to focus their collective creativity!

Pun undeniably intended, the team from Fastly made quick work of the imaginative mural they ultimately collaborated on. Fastly ended up choosing the phrase “Cache is King”, another unabashedly intended pun, to anchor the mural design they brought home! Fastly Workshop! Fastly Workshop! Let your team or group get involved in the fun by emailing us at!

Genentech makes their presence known on canvas and cotton!

With a take-no-prisoners attitude, Genentech‘s team made short work of stenciling their t-shirts before moving on to create a mural on the canvas they were bringing back to their office. This team of ladies decided on the word “Interactive” for their canvas, a fitting choice for how they approached their day at the gallery! Genentech Workshop May! Genentech Workshop May! Email us at to get your team tagging!

123Klan at Rodearte Festival in Guadalajara


Making Guadalajara itself a giant public exhibition, the Rodearte festival brings together a roster of muralists to promote global peace. 123Klan brought along their Canadian friend Maple the squirrel, in celebration of their recent Canadian citizenship (congratulations!). Scien & Klor dedicated this iconic mural to the children of Oblatos, using their hybrid of graffiti and graphic design to finish the giant 65 foot wall in just 3 days.

We’re stoked to have 123Klan showing with us in April 2016, more details to come soon!

Street Art and Social Change: Onur and Wes21 on Ocean Awareness


With all the action at Wynwood at a close, we wanted to take a look back at the event and highlight one mural in particular that was created. The collaboration between Onur and Wes21 was hands down one of the most talked about and shared murals of Art Basel Miami 2015. The detail is there, with the surface water, bubbles, and container ship. The color is there, with the shades of blue, green, and yellow. The balance and movement is there, with the angled sky and arm projecting out. And, for our attention here, the meaning is there, with the awareness being brought to oceanic health!


The folks over at PangeaSeed and Urban Nation Berlin brought the artists to Miami to paint this piece, and the world has been celebrating since. In PangeaSeed form, the imagery is meant to raise attention and voice concern for the visitors of Miami, and viewers from around the world. Art with meaning, and at a time when the world and its creatures need a voice the most. This piece, by the two incredibly talented European artists, was a shining light of beauty and meaning during an event with so much art on display. Big praise and gratitude to Onur and Wes21, and PangeaSeed and Urban Nation, for orchestrating and executing this beautiful piece!


(Pictures by Daniel Weintraub)

Last Chance to Check Out “Catch Me If You Can!”

Heads up–Ratur and Sckaro’s “Catch Me If You Can” show closes December 19th, their insane surrealist oil paintings are not to be missed. This is your last chance to stop by the gallery, we’re open this Wednesday through Saturday, 12-6:30 PM. This duo’s high-octane work will blow you away!

Ratur's "First Amendment", oil on canvas, 30x44"

Ratur’s “First Amendment,” oil on canvas, 30×44″

Following the close of “Catch Me If You Can,” we have big things planned here at 1AM. Over the holidays we’ll be completely revamping our space, planning for a new and improved gallery in 2016… announcements and updates for the new year to come soon! Stay tuned.

Click here to view the gallery’s page. For catalog requests/art inquiries please contact

LevelMoney made their mark!

The LevelMoney team visited 1AM to craft a personalized mural with their company’s name triumphantly placed across it. Refusing to stop there, they added iconic landmarks from San Francisco to their canvas as well! LevelMoney Workshop! LevelMoney Workshop! Contact us by email at to schedule your team-building workshop or event!

Brandalism Deploys 80 International Artist to Take Over 600 Ads in Paris for COP21

Paul Insect

Paul Insect

Beginning this early December and almost at its completion, the United Nations Framework on Climate Change (UNFCCC) is holding the 21st session of the Conference of the Parties in Paris, France. For short, the conference is called – COP21. As there are increasing concerns on global warming and climate change, the world is watching as over (a record) 190 countries will meet to talk and take action on our shared environmental impact. However, many are concerned with how much actual change will come of this conference. One such group is, Brandalism – a group centered on reclaiming the public realm from corporate control and is the biggest anti-advertising campaign in world history. Brandalism has organized over 80 artists, from 19 countries to also converge on Paris and take back public space by replacing advertisements with original artworks directed toward COP21 and environmental change. Some of the artists included are Gilf, Paul Insect, Escif, Aaron Li-Hill, Jimmy Cauty, Neta Harari, and David de la Mano, just to name a few. Over 600 artworks critiquing the corporate takeover of the COP21 climate talks were installed in advertising spaces across Paris by November 30th – ahead of the beginning of the United Nations summit.

Brandalism is concerned about the talks (like many other individuals, groups, and organizations),  because the COP summits have been increasingly dominated by corporate interests, and other major polluters include energy companies, car manufacturers and banks. They write, “…In 20 years of UN climate change talks, global emissions have risen by 63%. This year’s talks in Paris are being held at an airport and sponsored by an airline. Brandalism aims to creatively expose this corporate greenwashing.”


Aaron Li-Hill

David de la Mano

David de la Mano

COP summits have been happening since 1995, where the first was held in Berlin. Since, there have been several others happening in cities like Kyoto, Montreal, New Deli, Copenhagen, Durban, Cancun, and Lima. What makes COP 21 significant is that will, for the first time in over 20 years of UN negotiations, aim to achieve a legally binding and universal agreement on climate, with the aim of keeping global warming below 2°C. Great work, Brandalism, and the 80 international artists they wrangled together to take action! Be sure to check out their website for the full rundown!

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 12.11.44 PM Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 12.11.25 PMmedia_xll_8209047

media_xll_8209088 media_xll_8209089media_xll_8209095

Screen Shot 2015-12-02 at 12.11.17 PM

Vendavo joins us for some tagging!

A team from Vendavo came by 1AM to test their graffiti writing abilities and turned out a decidedly awesome final product. While their inscription choice of “Goose Bumps” may sound a bit foreboding, their positive attitudes were certainly not. Vendavo Workshop! Vendavo Workshop! Shoot us an email at to get your team or group involved!

Hyuro’s Abortion Intervention in Brazil


The talented, poetic, and always captivating, Hyuro, just finished painting a big wall on the streets of Fortaleza, Brazil. The artist was there painting her contribution for the Concerto Festival, an urban art festival in it’s second year. Hyuro not only created a beautiful piece, but a profound one, that touches on a large issue in not only Brazil, but Latin America at large – abortion. On her blog she writes:

“Abortion is completely forbidden in five countries in the world, four of them are in Latin America. Abortion is illegal in Brazil, it is a topic that is not usually spoken, yet it is the fourth cause of death for women. It is estimated that a Brazilian woman dies every two days victim of illegal abortion. One million abortions are performed annually. Since 1940 the Penal Brazilian Code established that abortions are illegal in Brazil except in two cases: If the pregnancy seriously endangers woman’s life or if is a rape’s consequence. Currently this last one is facing resistance from the evangelical community, as they consider it as a way to claim abortion. This wall questions the use of female body as an usurped territory by the state and its laws interference on a private matter that should be accepted as such and not penalized, turning it in a political debate subject in which women lose all rights and vote on their own body. It talks about the lack of respect for women who are considered irresponsible and incapable of making decisions based on their own moral values according to their specific circumstances.”

Big praise to this talented and compassionate artist! We always look forward to seeing new work from Hyuro, and this large social intervention is nothing less than masterful.

hyuh-685x1024 hyui-685x1024

GE visits for a laughter-filled workshop!

Joking around with us and each other the entire workshop, GE‘s team effortlessly embraced their creative sides at the gallery and took no time in getting comfortable with their spray cans on the street. Their afternoon culminated in the production of one large-scale mural with the phrase “You got served” written across its center! 21 23 Email us at to make your group’s event happen!