5 Reasons why developed cities can’t escape mother nature…

The concrete jungle is common amongst many of the larger cities.  Often sheltered from wildlife, we found these 5 great street art pieces that seem to inject the notion that the we aren’t alone and the wild is not to be forgotten.  Check out the 1AM Mobile App for other great finds, or start your own urban expedition with the app as a guide.

Photo by shimmyyy in San Francisco

Photo by shimmyyy in San Francisco

Photo by StreetartUK in London

Photo by StreetartUK in London

Photo by Alpha in San Francisco

Photo by Alpha in San Francisco

Photo by dgrader in Melbourne

Photo by dgrader in Melbourne

Photo by transfert in Montreal

Photo by transfert in Montreal

Marine Layer’s custom mural by 1AM!

When Marine Layer in San Francisco asked us to get down on their wall, we got down with a 1AM twist.  If you haven’t tried Marine Layer clothes, the softness is next level.  Stay tuned as we are heading down south for the next Marine Layer chapter…..Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 10.58.32 AM Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 10.59.38 AM Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 10.59.08 AM Screen Shot 2015-06-12 at 10.59.54 AM

NATE1 Repping That Bay Area Style!

We are proud to announce our newest limited editions to hit the 1AM Prism Boutique from San Francisco’s own NATE1.


His work has transformed from graffiti murals to canvas paintings that encompass the urban landscapes of San Francisco.  Nate represents Bay Area to the fullest and his artwork will make you leave your heart in San Francisco as well.


You can take home a piece of the Bay in one of Nate’s three prints we have for sale in the boutique > “Heading Down Clement” > “Sutter Fillmore” > “Battle of the Bay” or email kelly@1amprism.com for more information.




Street Art and Social Change: Pejac Conceptualizes Democracy in Hong Kong

Pejac 1

Spanish artist, Pejac, recently visited Hong Kong, where he created a few small art pieces – small, but large in representation. Last September Hong Kong had the world’s attention as a social movement erupted in the city from social unrest. Freedom of speech and democracy has long been stifled in the country, and it was a decision regarding proposed reforms to the Hong Kong electoral system that fanned the flame of foreseen ongoing social oppression. The protests, marches, occupations and acts of civil disobedience began from organizing students and youth, and quickly lead to include more support from other citizens. Labeled as the Umbrella Revolution because of self-defense tactics used by protesters from fire hose spraying by police, the movement lasted over two months.

Pejac decided to visit the city and reflect on the social movement through is own acts of art. The artist is known for his conceptual fine and street art creations. Instead of producing large works of art, small pieces were produced – small but powerful. A street artist often works with the city, choosing specific locations for their context and creating works that speak to that spot. In a country that keeps a close watch on its citizens and their actions, street art can be difficult to produce, especially on the large scale, and very difficult if it is charged with political critique. So, to evade censorship or worse, Pejac brought his big thinking to the small scale and created these three works of art.



Pejac painted his rendition of Rodin’s The Thinker on a window in his hotel room. The figure is sat upon the towering buildings of Hong Kong in the background, thinking, which Pejac feels is an act which residents are restricted with.

Pejac 3Pejac 4



Located in central Hong Kong on Hollywood Road 97, this small piece is of a small dragon tagging a heart on the wall with its fire breath. The dragon in Chinese mythology is seen as a symbol of power, strength, and good luck. Pejac actually employed the use of a blowtorch for this creation. In this case Pejac has shrunk the creature to a docile size, stating “This ferocious mythical animal that can cause hurricanes and floods, here becomes a domesticated pet.”

Pejac 7Pejac 2



Pejac created MSN Hotmail Butterfly and enclosed it in a small glass jar, which he set in front of the Central Government Complex of Hong Kong. The site was chosen because it was where a lot of the demonstrations of the Umbrella Revolution were focused. He states: “It works as a metaphor of the imprisonment of free speech and communication in Chinese peoples’ lives. The butterfly is not killed but trapped, being able to see and feel, but left to slowly die.”

Pejac 5Pejac 6

(photos via @pejac_art and story awareness via Brooklyn Street Art)



CMYK Opening Recap

This past Thursday was the Opening of our CMYK show and with it came great people and an even better party! A lot of energy was in the air as RPES, PEMEX and AMUSE showcased their hard work to friends and locals making for an overall good time. Weren’t able to make it out to our CMYK Opening? We have your back with some awesome shots and a great video of our 3 artists crushing the 1AM wall! The show will  continue running through this month so make sure to stop by and enjoy some art! For inquiries or catalog requests, please email ANU@1amsf.com




Oakland’s WARRIORS and art scene have arrived!

Over the years, I’ve watched the Warriors Basketball team and street art scene both evolve and grow into new heights of distinction and prominence.  This week’s clips are just a taste of what Oakland is from the 1AM Mobile App.  Don’t sleep on Oakland, or you’ll get burned and then splash brothered!

Photo by Lea-Bruno

Photo by Lea-Bruno

Photo by kNOwHOPE

Photo by kNOwHOPE

Photo by Bam

Photo by Bam

Photo by tigerbeat

Photo by tigerbeat

Photo by BAM

Photo by BAM

Photo by Sputnik77

Photo by Sputnik77

Making sweet tees for Twitter!

Check out these sweet tees! Our staff loves to customize and paint take home shirts for our clients and Twitter got a stellar collection! They brought their group for some drinks, learning and hands-on fun. 2 1 Find our our different package options by emailing privateevents@1amsf.com.

Street Art and Social Change: JR Finishes ‘Wrinkles in the City – Istanbul’


Street art has the indisputable ability to raise attention and awareness to issues and concerns. For some artists this is central in their work, because they use their art for just that reason – as a tool to make change. French photographer and large-scale pasteup artist, JR, has been recognized as one of the most influential public artists in the world, and he has been using his art for such reasons since the early 2000s. He was already a well recognized street artist with a number of international projects completed before 2011 when he was awarded with the TED Prize for his dream of starting the Inside Out Project. Since then JR has tirelessly been on a roll to change the world through his art. He uses his art as a way to create new dialog between people. His concept is simple yet so profound – take photos of regular people and paste them up in public spaces.


11335048_500924070059051_1948706976_n 11326407_666324786806509_1235217709_n

Since 2008 JR has been working on his Wrinkles in the City project, which as taken him and his team to Cartagena, Spain (2008), Shanghai, China (2010), Los Angeles, USA (2011) and La Habana, Cuba (2012), and Berlin, Germany (2015). Over the last few weeks JR has been pasting away for the latest installment of the project in Istanbul, Turkey. The Wrinkles in the City project is a “world-scale project aimed to be presented in various cities around the world where ‘wrinkles’, human as well as architectural, can be found.” The recent work in Istanbul is breathtaking. The scale, placement, and imagery work together beautifully to deliver the intent of the art – to tell a story. The power of Wrinkles in the City (as well as most of JR’s work) exists in the ability for the portraits to give significance and capture a moment in time and space. A people, a place, a culture shared. Enjoy these amazing photographs of the recent work by the prolific, JR!


11313749_809904785745121_1613420583_n 11266014_1595728884044177_1351542477_n


11262906_980557788644060_1390104739_n 11254043_1578368519118260_486609150_n

Be sure to watch JR’s TED talk from 2011 that won him the award to launch his Inside Out Project:

Setting Up For CMYK – Behind The Scenes!

There’s so much energy in the air this week at the gallery as we prepare for our CMYK show! AMUSE 126, PEMEX and RPES have been working hard and playing hard in their usual upbeat style. Gallery is looking great as they add some finishing touches and paint the 1AM wall outside! We’re excited to showcase everyone’s hard work and can’t wait to see all of you this Thursday from 6:30-9:30pm for our Opening. Here are some dope shots from behind the scenes. Email ANU@1amsf.com for art catalog.




Gotta love Tibco!

Check out Tibco! They weren’t afraid to get down and learn all about the street art world, spray paint their own T-shirts and make a take home mural. Sweet job! 1 Email privateevents@1amsf.com to setup an event.