SignalFuse jumped right into an awesome graffiti offsite at 1AM!

Here’s what SignalFuse had to say about their event, you guys rocked it! “We had an offsite event here with our team of 16. The majority of our group are engineers and they like to think they’re not creative, but they all had tons of fun and got their juices flowing in spite of their claims that they’re not creative. Maya and her team were welcoming, engaging and knew how to teach us squares how to get down with spray paint. We will definitely be going back and maybe even have them come into our next office to tag one of the walls for us. Thank you 1 AM Team!” SignalFuse Workshop! SignalFuse Workshop! Email to schedule an event for your team!

Opening Night Recap: “The End Is Near”

opening post crowd cans

Thank you 1AM friends & family for coming out last Saturday! We all had a fun time celebrating the opening of “The End Is Near” with Robert Bowen, Vyal One, and Lango Oliveira. The gallery was enchanting and otherworldly, with each artist’s post-apocalypse vision coming together beautifully. If you weren’t able to make it, make sure to stop by! “The End Is Near” will be on view until April 14th, Tuesdays – Saturdays, 12 – 6:30PM.

opening post beatrix

opening post window

opening weird face

opening crowd front

GE Software visits 1AM for the first time for their team offsite!

Check out the killer mural by GE Software. They collaborated together to paint “Minds + Machines” during their team-building workshop!GE Workshop! GE Workshop! Email to get the ball rolling for your offsite.

Street Art and Social Change: TWOONE in New Zeland


The wonderful, world-traveling arts and activism event, Sea Walls (from the Pangea Seed Foundation), aims to protect the world’s oceans via public art and activism. Currently underway in Napier, New Zealand March 11-20, the festival has an amazing roster of international artists painting away, raising attention and engaging discussion on oceanic protection. For this week’s article, we are sharing the beautiful mural painted by Japanese artist, TWOONE. A beautiful large slate grey wall with colorful flora that matches the surrounding environment strikes the tone. Central in the mural is the KOKAKO bird, native to New Zealand, and currently on the endangered species list. Good news is, population numbers are slowly growing according to resent research by the Department of Conservation!

Welcome AbbVie!

AbbVie flew in from around the country for a team offsite and learned about the history of graffiti, stenciled their own T-shirts and worked together to make a mural. Check out one of our most favorite group photos! AbbVie Workshop! AbbVie Workshop! To setup an event for your team, email

Street Art and Social Change: Gearoid O’Dea’s Women of the Rising Mural

Le Chéile I Ngruaig 5

Irish artist, Gearoid O’Dea, recently finished a mural in heart of the capital city, Dublin, on the corner of South Great George’s Street. The mural is a tribute to Irish women who were directly involved in Ireland’s independence from colonial Britain in 1916. The country is celebrating the 100 year anniversary of this event. The independence began with the legendary Easter Rising event, also known as the Easter Rebellion, which was an armed insurrection in Ireland during Easter Week, 1916, against British rule. To bring more meaning to the mural, March 8th was International Women’s Day. O’Dea painted the faces of Countess Markievicz, Margaret Pearse and Grace Gifford-Plunkett. A large and powerful work celebrating Ireland’s independence and the crucial roles women played in the event 100 years ago!

Le Chéile I Ngruaig 2

OpenTable visits for their first 1AM Workshop!

OpenTable brought their group for a fun offsite to learn more about the art of graffiti and create a a mural to represent their group that says “The Fifth”. Great to meet you guys! OpenTable Workshop! OpenTable Workshop! Email to setup a workshop for your team!

Street Art and Social Change: Fintan Magee and Rising Waters

Fintan Magee 3

Australian artist, Fintan Magee, was hard at work painting in Puerto Rico recently at the annual Santurce es Ley Festival. For his contribution, Magee painted a young local boy from San Juan wading through thigh-high water with an iceberg on his back, inviting onlookers to ask themselves what our impact on the world’s environment could mean for those who live at sea level. There are a huge number of people around the world who live directly on the coast, and who’s livelihood is completely dependent upon the ocean. He writes, “Despite the low C02 emissions of small island states in the Caribbean; rising sea levels, increasing natural disasters and other affects of climate change are a huge threat to the small nations who’s economies are dependent on fishing, tourism and agriculture.”

Fintan Magee 1 Fintan Magee 2

(photos © TotsFilms)

The User Experience team from Salesforce visits 1AM for a graffiti immersion!

Salesforce visited with their whole User Experience team for a full graffiti immersion workshop. Their team rocked it, embracing all our activities and creating three huge murals for their office! SalesForce Workshop! SalesForce Workshop! Read More »

Meltwater visits for a fun offsite!

The awesome Meltwater team came by on a Saturday morning to dive into the world of street art through a fun drawing exercise, some history of graffiti art, and T-shirt stenciling. Check out the bright, colorful mural they created together: Meltwater Meltwater Email to setup an event for your team!