1AM Mobile Highlights from Oeyra, ilc_, and Gusto

Check out the 1AM Mobile App here to see street art and graffiti around the world.  Thanks for the finds from our members from Mexico City by ilc_, San Francisco by Gusto, and Oslo by Oeyra.




Top Pics on 1AM Mobile App by Matnuss, Oeyra, and Jankro


Stunner 1AM Mobile App shots by Oeyra, Alpha, and Pandavid87

Daleast Amuse Eater

JURNE, Can’t Stop – Won’t Stop

Jurne spotted on the 1AM Mobile App.  Don’t sleep as he opens his latest solo exhibition, “Diversion” at 1AM 9/20

Jurne2 Jurne3 Jurne1


1AM Mobile App brings you on a black and white safari adventure



Phlegm shot by Instagraffic on the 1AM Mobile app


VehicleSF takes 1AM Mobile App to the next level!

VehicleSF is a local, design-centric company that works with image-driven businesses, corporations and cultural organizations keep their brands “fresh, relevant, and alive”. Their eclectic client base stretches from Nike, SFMoMa, NBA, and Disney to small local businesses such as 1AM.  Thanks to Dennis Crowe, Stefan Grigg, and Jenny Imrich, we got to experience the stellar services of VehicleSF as they vamped up our debut 1AM Mobile App. We are happy to thank and support VehicleSF for the clean design of our street art app! Check out the awesome mural they painted today for our launch party happening tonight from 6-9pm, it’s free for the public!
VehicleSF Workshop! VehicleSF Workshop! VehicleSF Workshop! VehicleSF Workshop!

Visit VehicleSF.com for more information on their services.
If you’d like to feature a mural on our wall, please email info@1AMSF.com.

El Mac and Retna spotted on the 1AM Mobile app

SF Chronicle’s C.W. Nevius exercises First Amendment right on 1AM

In Saturday’s SF Chronicle, C.W. Nevius, an opinion writer, released an article titled “Graffiti supplies at retail” which included 1AM.  He only focused on a small part of what we do.  So, we wanted to give Nevius and his readers the opportunity to learn more about who we are by sharing our mission statement and making them aware of all the services and products we offer that was strategically missing from his article.

1AM, short for First Amendment, is a company that stands for the freedom of speech.  We strive to showcase, teach, and inspire the public on street and urban art through our exhibitions, murals and classes.  In our art gallery, we exhibit world-renowned and local artists that specialize in graffiti, urban, and vinyl toy art.  Outside our gallery walls, our mural production team has been striving to beautify the city of San Francisco with large-scale murals that have positive messages like “Make Moves” and “Knowledge is Golden”.  Also, we provide a safe and creative environment for individuals and groups to learn more about the culture and art form.  We offer classes and team-building workshops and have hosted corporate off-sites with companies like Facebook, Genentech, Yahoo! and more.  We have also worked with local youth organizations, YMCA, Galileo High School, and First Graduates to name a few, to empower and educate our kids.  Most recently, we launched 1AM Mobile App, a free photography app that puts the entire street art world at your fingertips.   The app allows you to capture and share images and locations of your street art discoveries and follow other members and their findings worldwide.  Lastly, 1AM has a retail store that sells original clothing by our creative staff, street art books and art supplies, which is the main topic of Nevius’ article.  Similar to art supply stores like Blick, Utrecht, Arch and Flax as well as hardware stores like Ace and Home Depot (who carry a lower cost option), we indeed do sell spray paint and markers.

1AM was established  in 2008 and is located at Howard and 6th Street in SOMA.


Trailblazing with the 1AM Mobile App

On my daily commute to 1AM, passing through Moscone Convention Center and the YBCA, I am always amazed at the street art that surrounds me.  Below are some images from our (beta) community on the 1AM Mobile app along my commute.  Stay tuned as we anticipate releasing the free 1AM Mobile app this March 25th for the iPhone which will direct you to street artworks like these and allow you to upload your own discoveries wherever you travel.  For more info, or to request notification when the 1AM Mobile app is available for download, please contact info@1amsf.com.