“Everyone Deserves a Home,” Finished!

Last Wednesday, crowds gathered at Boeddeker Park to see the finished six-story mural that had been in the works for so long. This colorful, vibrant addition to the Windsor Hotel is the product of many months of designing, revising, and careful execution by the 1AM Mural Team, and the community has received it with overwhelming praise. “Everyone Deserves a Home” is a testament to the community of the Tenderloin and a promise of hope and security. This mural, overlooking the recently revamped park, bring new life and vibrancy to the Tenderloin community. A big thanks and congrats to DISH, Friends of Boeddeker Park, and the Community Challenge Grant Program for allowing 1AM to help achieve this awesome goal! Read more about the project’s impact on the neighborhood from Hoodline, here.

Tree House-1

Tree House-5

Tree House-9

Boedekker Mural

A Drink with Deb…

With the opening of Motel Mademoiselle, we thought it would be cool to have an interview with one of the artists, the fabulous Deb, so that we could get into her head and see what it is that makes her the great woman she is.

Hi Deb! First off, mermaid or good witch?

Hmm.. Merwhitch?

What made you leave Melbourne and move to San Francisco?

I had been wanting to live in USA for many years before I made the move. I had travelled the states a few times growing up as I have extended family in NY and LA and funnily enough I had always wanted to move to either of those two states. About 5 years ago I made a 7 week trip and spent time in NY, LA and SF and completely fell in love with SF, the people, and the art scene here is great. I flew back to Melbourne and I was like, “It’s time.” I need a change in scenery. I love Melbourne completely but my life was beginning to feel like that movie Groundhog Day. I have been working super hard on applying to obtain citizenship for years now so hopefully that will happen soon. I am completely in love with SF and this is where I want to stay.


A lot of your art includes goddesses, mythical entities, and a wide variety of other religiously symbolic imagery. Do you consider yourself religious? Can you explain your relationship to these powerful icons?

No, I am not religious at all. I love to explore other cultures in a lot of my art and other belief systems but I am especially drawn to Hindu art in a big way. It has so many wild stories and meanings and so much of Hinduism is about being peaceful and a good human. I love portraying my women to be a complete mix of different cultures from all over the place. My art has always portrayed this. I also like to travel so I get inspired by the way people live in all different parts of the globe.

If your characters could come to life, what would you envisioning them doing? Who are Debs Dolls?

They would do a lot of Rollerskating. Eat heaps of vegan donuts blow high bubbles with bubble gum, sleep a lot on hammocks, swim with dolphins and fly with unicorns, you know usual stuff like that… Um, also definitely hang out with animals that spoke the same language and have crazy wild tea parties like Alice in Wonderland, jump through portals, argh this question is too broad.



Name three of your modern day favorite super heroines.

Poison Ivy, She Ra Princess of Power, Sucker for Wonder Woman.

In the past you’ve donated to a lot of charities and contributed art to campaign for social change. What are a few causes that motivate you and your art right now?

I continue to raise money for cancer. Suicide, people with eating disorders, homelessness are ones I have tried to help with a lot. I am big on helping for charity as much as I can handle every year, for every year I have been a freelance artist I have taken as much time as I can possibly handle to help out with charities. Actually, I think there have been a few years I spend more time raising money for charities than myself. There has to be a balance so I don’t fall out of my own balance, but it is one thing that makes me happy and feel like the unspoken Karma I will hopefully get in return will help me get through life.. but I do as much as I can.

What are your favorite pair of heels currently on deck?

100% my ice-cream heals made by my good friends Fiebiger shoes, who I have collaborated with and more to come.

Describe your power suit.

My power suit is a giant strawberry and mint chocolate chip ice-cream suit that would light up and glow and shoot out colored paint any time people try to bite into my giant ice-cream power suit. It’s vegan, of course.

As a woman, what would you say has been your biggest challenge in your career and how did you overcome it? Conversely, what has been your biggest victory?

When I was young any boys saying, “you can’t paint its a boys thing!!” Drove me nuts, persistence pays off I guess. Another big one is a couple of years ago my painting hand started to get really bad and I deal with multiple issues still now. Pretty much everything I paint now causes me pain. At first I stopped painting for 6 months to try let it get better but it keeps flaring up when I use it. This is a constant challenge for me. In the time I tried to not use it I was severely depressed and I have decided that not painting is more painful emotionally then physically painting as much as I can handle. You do what you have to do to get by. I paint, that’s my thing, that’s why I was put on this earth. I will always paint. I have been trying to become ambidextrous, it’s tough. I’m keeping on it in the hope it will become a thing, that I can use both my hands or even the less dominant one more often to give the other one a break.


What’s next for Deb?

What’s next.. ? Heaps! I can’t tell you but I have a lot of amazing things lined up one after the next to shoot out to the world, stay tuned. Thank you for this interview, this was for sure one of the funnest interviews I have had in awhile!

For inquiries about available work from Deb, please contact artsales@1amgallery.com


Recap: Opening Night of Motel Mademoiselle

Thanks to everyone who came to the opening of Motel Mademoiselle! It was great to see so many friends of the gallery enjoying the badass work of these talented women. And a special shoutout to B-Side Brujas for getting everyone dancing! Don’t worry if you missed opening night, you still have a chance to visit the gallery for your daily dose of femme fatale! Motel Mademoiselle is on display until September 15th. Check out all of the crazy opening night photos on our Facebook page. For catalog inquiries: artsales@1amgallery.com

Congratulations Deb, Bud Snow, Chuneed, Amanda Payne, Elrod, Franceska Gamez, Nina (Girl Mobb), Yenta, Midnite Maven, & Moe Alvarez!! Let’s continue to support women in the arts!





Activist Artist Spotlight: Shamsia Hassani

Hassani's "Birds of No Nation"

Hassani’s “Birds of No Nation”

Shamsia Hassani is the first well-known female street artist in Afghanistan. Through her art, she aims to subvert the perspective of Muslim women as oppressed and belonging to the home–a view held by many in her own community and the in the Western world. Her characters are most often depicted wearing burkas or hijabs, and are seen outside, holding musical instruments that represent freedom of voice and expression. The compositions are rendered with distinct lines and decisive shapes to convey strength in her characters. Hassani strives to destroy the association of hijabs with oppression by illustrating characters who find freedom within tradition, and are not restricted by expected gender roles.

Hassani also portrays feelings of displacement and a rejection of nationality dealt with by Afghan refugees; her characters are often distanced from their surroundings, looking at them from above. In her piece, Birds of No Nation, she explains, “Birds are constantly migrating to find food and shelter, they have no nationality because they find comfort in any safe place. I see this in the Afghan people as well, they are moving from country to country in search of peace and safety. It seems as if they have no nation like those birds. In this series, the woman is in a new area and she is feeling displaced because nothing is hers and so she does not fit in.” Shamsia Hassani challenges established perspectives and recreates an identity for Afghan women that transcends limits of nationality and marginalization.

Opening Night Recap: Eddie Colla & Bask’s “Nothin Nice”

Thank you everyone who came to the opening reception for Eddie Colla & Bask’s “Nothin Nice”! We were excited to see Eddie and Bask fans, other artists, and friends of 1AM at the reception. The evening started off with a giveaway of 50 original small works by Bask. Inside the gallery, Eddie Colla’s striking portraits stood side by side with gestural text-based works by Bask. Eddie’s “We Are Shadows, And Night Falls” lit up the entire gallery after sunset, truly one of the highlights of the show. If you missed the opening, the “Nothin Nice” will be on display until August 18th… Swing by to see what all the talk is about!

You can check out photos from opening night on our Facebook page. For inquiries and catalog requests: artsales@1amgallery.com.

1AM Artist Spotlight: Kopsky of Lords Crew

Kopsky's "Leader of Ramen's Dissection Studies", on display at 1AM gallery now!

Kopsky’s “Leader of Ramen’s Dissection Studies”, on display at 1AM gallery now!

French artist Kopsky traces his beginnings back to the suburbs of Paris, where he was born and raised under the artistic influence of his painter father. Though always surrounded by art, Kopsy discovered spray paint in the mid 90’s and began to explore its many applications and benefits. In addition to learning graffiti the “classic b-boy way,” Kopsky started studying art and moved to the Mediterranean coast. Since then, he continues to experiment with different styles of street art to “color walls across the world.”

Kopsky’s expansive, large scale work captures the balance between uninhibited spontaneity and minute mastery of detail. He works with characters, symbols, and letters in an effort to enter a realm of “dysfunctional imagination,” where he can create art that is fresh and previously undiscovered. Since 2011, Kopsky has represented “Lords Crew” and the British team “After School Klub”. By dedicating himself to constant experimentation and discovery, Kopsky delivers messages that are colorful and unprecedented–an endless quest for “the fresh effect”.

Check out more of Kopsky’s work in “Legendary: Celebrating 30 Years of Lords Crew” until July 14th! For catalog requests & inquiries: artsales@1amgallery.com.

Summer Community Mural at Boeddeker Park

Progress after week 1

Progress after week 1

Boeddeker Park once felt somewhat dangerous and empty–sitting near the unofficial open-air drug market known as the Gauntlet, it was barren and strewn with needles. The stark 6-story facade of the Windsor Hotel overlooked the park, and it’s residents formerly had very little access to any green space. The Windsor Hotel offers converted SRO units courtesy of DISH (Delivering Innovation by Supportive Housing), and following the physical park’s facelift in 2015, we’re excited to liven up the side of their residency as well. The park is now bustling with activities including homework tutoring, bodywork, teen hoops, and classes in culinary arts and life skills. As we’ve officially begun painting for the summer, the busy, bright energy of the remodeled park is soon to be reflected by a 1AM community mural.

The 1AM Mural team has spent the last year developing designs for the 6-story mural, in conjunction with DISH, Friends of Boeddeker Park, and the Tenderloin Community. After months of revision, the finalized design includes a colorful treehouse with open doors, implying the welcoming atmosphere of the community, and inviting the viewer into the world of the mural. The houses perched on the tree branches are modelled after the familiar architecture of the San Francisco skyline, with some of their windows aligning with the windows of the building–giving the illusion the Windsor’s residents are peeking out of the treehouse windows. At the base of the tree trunk is written DISH’s motto “Everyone Deserves A Home”.

DISH’s community project manager, Ariel Fortune, explained her organization’s decision to partner with us: “They are a local organization, they have a lot of artwork throughout the Tenderloin, and both artists that are working on this piece lived in the TL at one point. They have a connection to the neighborhood; they are respected.” Thanks to DISH and the Community Challenge Grant Program, 1AM is incredibly excited and grateful to be a part of this project.

Stay tuned for the finished mural, and follow our progress on Instagram!

Final Design Mockup

Opening night recaps: Lords Anniversary & “First Edition”

We’ve been busy over here at 1AM! With openings at each of our locations this month, we can’t thank the Bay Area art community enough for your support.

“Legendary: Celebrating 30 Years of Lords Crew” is on display at our San Francisco gallery until July 14th, make sure to swing by and see a truly masterful collection of work from 12 domestic and international legends! Check out all of the opening night photos on our Facebook page. For catalog inquiries: artsales@1amgallery.com

“First Edition”, 1AM Prism’s very first juried show, is on display at our Oakland gallery until June 24th… cast your vote for the winner at 1AM Oakland any time during regular business hours.


Eddie Colla’s “Last Resort” with David Young V & Nite Owl

We loved showing Eddie Colla last summer so much that we’re doing it again! Last time we visited his studio, he told us about his travels to the Salton Sea… Now he has joined David Young V and Nite Owl following the last traces of winter in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The trio visited an abandoned ski resort, read the full story here on 1xRUN! And catch his new work at our San Francisco gallery alongside Bask’s this July.

Our 1AM mural team kicked off summer with a BOOM!

Check out the latest work from our 1AM mural team! They painted this explosive pop-inspired piece in Referral Exchange’s downtown San Francisco office… BOOM is their company’s mantra to get it done! For mural inquiries: murals@1amsf.com