Up On the Roof With RPES

Meet RPES, originally from the south of France and best known for his work in the PMB crew, he’s been making a name for himself all over Europe as well as 2 other continents. RPES fell in love with graffiti culture in the early 2000’s and with a strong urge for traveling and exploring, came to the Bay Area and never looked back. With nearly a decade of work under  his belt with the PMB crew, he was easily able to make a name for himself here in the states. ​His style has matured within the last 5 years as he has become more serious with his work and refined his graffiti style. We’re excited to have RPES be a part of our CMYK show opening, June 4th, 6:30-9:30pm. Check out our video from our roof having fun with RPES in anticipation for the show!


Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 2.37.21 PM

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What’s your reason to riot?

Dave Kinsey is a Los Angeles based artist who created this piece called “Riot and Reason”. His work involves multi-layered, textured environments that signify the complexities of our human existence and we are honored to display some limited edition prints of his work in the 1AM Prism Boutique. This work was originally created with mixed media and the reproduction detail showcases his brilliant talent. Come check out our limited edition collection in San Francisco or email prints@1amsf.com for more information._MG_4956 _MG_4955


New Print Shop in the 1AM Boutique!

Here at 1AM we want to intrigue art collectors with a wide range of art for any kind of budget, as well as provide local artists a place to archive their own work without breaking the bank. We’re introducing a new part to our boutique, PRISM, where you can buy limited edition prints from your favorite artists to start your own art collection!

We are excited to help local artists with all their digital imaging, printing, and archiving needs.  Come check out the finished display of limited edition prints for sale in the boutique or email prints@1amsf.com for more details.

print shop

print shop

print shop

Limited Colors, Limitless Possibilities!

PEMEX is a hard name to overlook when it comes to consistent work in the realm of graffiti. He’s raised through the ranks over the years to become one of the most renowned graffiti artists putting up work throughout California and abroad. Born and raised in Los Angeles, PEMEX has been surrounded by street art and graffiti most of his life, opening up a gateway of inspiration for his own work. His pieces can be distinguished from the rest, with his fierce and unrelenting style which possesses aspects of humor, politics and history, making it all unique to him.


Check out works by RPES, PEMEX and AMUSE126 in our upcoming show “CMYK”. Please email ANU@1amsf.com for inquiries or art catalog.

“CMYK” – A Color Tease

Our newest show, “​CMYK​”, will be showcasing brand new works by graffiti artists RPES, PEMEX, and AMUSE 126. The demand for colors in today’s art market is substantial, with shades ranging infinitely along the color wheel. CMYK aims to contrast this freedom of colors and experiment with simplified styles and techniques. CMYK colors were selected among many options because it is a universal pallet.

CMYK_Blog (1)

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The Intuit design team gets their paint on!

We had a great time with the team of designers from Intuit this week – they jumped right into our hands-on activities as they created their own letter styles, learned about some graffiti history and finished up with a colorful take home mural! Thanks to Ricky, we got this awesome time-lapse video:

To book a workshop for your team, email privateevents@1amsf.com.

Street Art and Social Change: Painting for Nepal

1 Photo by Mario Stavrou

Artist Paparazzi. Photo by Mario Stavrou

The horrific April 25th 7.8-magnitude earthquake in Nepal has reached a death toll of over 7,ooo people, with double that seriously injured. The event has caught the attention and hearts of the world. Aid, charity, assistance and prayers are flooding into the region. One artist, Paparazzi, from Cyprus, sent out his good wishes with this large wall he painted. The image of a Nepalese woman with her child on her back comes with the statement from the artist, “You are not alone.”

The World Food Program warns 1.4 million people require emergency food assistance, and the United Nations estimates 1.3 million children are in urgent need of humanitarian aid. The quake opened massive rifts in roads and destroyed historic structures, including the 19th century Dharahara Tower in the capital Kathmandu, centuries old structures and UNESCO World Heritage Sites were demolished, and hundreds of thousands are left homeless. Sad too, within the street art world, was that Nepal was beginning to percolate with murals in recent years. In the capital city of Katmandu, a mural district was emerging with several mural campaigns in recent years like Kolor Kathmandu, and Artlab’s PRASAD project (“gracious gift” in Sanskrit).

A LOT of help is needed for Nepal and its people! Here are some ways you can help:


Spring Refresh!

Spring is a time to refresh and rejuvenate before the ever-sunny days of summer. In particular it’s a season that evokes feelings of starting anew with spring-cleaning and a splash of color. At the gallery, we’re showing off our colors with a look-back at some of the talented artists we’ve worked with this year.

"Bookmark" by BASK

“Bookmark” by BASK

"Against the Falls" by Vans the Omega

“Against the Falls” by Vans the Omega

"Orthogonal Exuberance" by Proembrion

“Orthogonal Exuberance” by Proembrion

"Frisco Disco" by CT

“Frisco Disco” by CT

"Insomnia" by Zmogk

“Insomnia” by Zmogk

"Nada Encaja" by Nuria Mura

“Nada Encaja” by Nuria Mura

There’s nothing more refreshing than changing the look and feel of your home to reflect the change in the seasons. Get ahead on your home transformation and contact anu@1amsf.com for inquiries.

Street Art and Social Change: Ron English on American Mass Consumerism

Ron English 1

(photo © Jaime Rojo)

At the legendary Houston Bowery Wall in New York City, prolific street art figure, Ron English, has completed his most recent large-scale mural which holds a mirror up to mass consumer America. English’s child Hulk figure, Temper Tot, is centered in the piece, with the American flag behind him. Though the flag is not its normal tri-color form. Upon closer inspection, your eyes traverse along the red and white stripes to find them made of  dozens of English’s POPaganda imagery – mashups of pop-culture imagery, between the highs and the lows, the goods and the bads. Images used to make up the stripes include Diabetic Coke adverts, Kid Kool’s Nicotine Enriched Candied Cigarettes, American Depress credit cards and other subversive images that jab at America’s unhealthy sociocultural addictions and their disastrous effects. English has mastered the use of this kind of imagery, with his refined painting skills and use of humor to pack a hard-hitting punch to current cultural norms. Also noteworthy of this piece (going back to its location at the Houston Bowery Wall), is that English’s mocking imagery of American capitalism and greed is exactly what has pushed out the original artists that made the legendary wall what it is now. Gentrification has all but wiped out the neighborhood that nurtured the Houston Bowery Wall, which has displayed works by some of the greatest figures in the history of the street art movement: Keith Haring, Os Gemeos, Faile, JR, Scharf, HowNosm, Swoon, Shepard Fairey, and Barry MacGee.

Ron English 2 Ron English 3

Ron English 5

(photo © Jaime Rojo) 

(awareness via street art news. all photos by Jamie Rojo)

Announcing Our Next Show: CMYK


1AM Gallery is pleased to present our show for June, “CMYK”, showcasing brand new works by graffiti writers and artists RPES, PEMEX, and AMUSE126. The demand for colors in today’s art market is substantial, with shades ranging infinitely along the color wheel. CMYK aims to contrast this freedom of colors and experiment with simplified styles and techniques. CMYK was selected among the many color options because it is a universal color pallet. For this exhibit, each artist will create pieces where they use only a single color. This simplification will not only reflect the relationship each person has with that one color, but it will also showcase their unique artistic style. If anything, CMYK emphasizes that colors are not solely accessories for art, but fundamental building blocks to promote an artist’s message.

For more information, visit www.1AMGallery.com. If you have any questions or would like to request media related material, please email ANU@1AMSF.com.