1AM Mobile App’s “Best of the Week”

Here are some glimpses into the art in the streets of Hawaii, LA, to Mexico City.  Thanks Amusethemuses, Alpha, Sputnik77, and mattnuss.  For more info about how to see more, or get involved for free, check it out here.

mattnuss_LA Amusethemuses_SF Alpha_HI Sputnik77_MexicoCity

Street Art and Social Change: Millions March


Last Saturday, tens of thousands of people participated in the Millions March in various cities around the United States. Some of the largest demonstrations were in Washington D.C., New York City, and here in the Bay Area with actions in San Francisco and Oakland. These demonstrations have been the largest organized actions against police killings and racial profiling yet, in the months since Ferguson. Like most protests, art was used in a variety of ways; from banners and posters, to music, song and dance. Art has a unique way of uniting people and stirring emotions of participators and observers, and that is why it has always been intertwined with social movements. We have seen a number of different art projects in the post-Ferguson movement, but from the demonstrations this last weekend it was French street artist, JR‘s, enlarged image of Eric Garner’s eyes held by the front line protesters that stunned us. We look forward to seeing how art is used in the streets, in this movement and others!

1AM Mobile App’s “Best of the Week”

Its a wet one in the Bay Area but we have some heaters for you from Hawaii to Miami this week.  Hope you all stay dry and enjoy the finds from our 1AM Mobile App members estrllmsc757, Alpha, WJG, pecas, and seandavis.  Find out more about 1AM’s street art app here.


1AM Mobile App’s “Best of the Week”

As we all already know, the Bay don’t play.  This week has some new and old hitters found by our amazing community of 1AM Mobile App members.  Thanks Bam, Amusethemuses, and Alpha showing us what’s up in the streets.  Do a second take on the Vogue and Dream train pieces.  So realistic you think you’re in a train yard thanks to the hyper real skills of Vogue TDK.


INTI in Colombia

The Chilean muralist, INTI, recently created this large-scale mural during a public art festival in the town of Cali, Colombia. The Bienal Internacinoal de Muralismo y Arte Publico (Biennial International and Public Art Mural) festival aims to beautify the city of Cali while celebrating local and national heritage. INTI, who gets his name from the Incan sun god, often paints on themes of culture, history, politics, and revolution. Here, INTI’s signature character is holding an olive branch – a symbol of peace. We look forward to seeing more beautifully engaging work from the talented INTI!

(awareness from streetartnews)

Kenor: Barcelona in the House!

Geometry, abstraction, deconstruction, volume and movement.  These are defining words for Spanish artist Kenor and reasons why his work resonates with us.  Here are some recent walls from the Spaniard that really caught our attention and worth checking out.  Stay tuned as we bring you more Spanish flavor and potential artwork to 1AM from Kenor himself.Kenor 1Kenor2

1AM Mobile’s “Best of the Week”

From Mexico to San Francisco to Hawaii, 1AM Mobile brings you another round of this week’s best uploads from our 1AM Mobile App community.  Download the 1AM Mobile App for free and show us what you’re seeing!

living_in_iowa_ Mexico loafoftoph_SanFrancisco Alpha_Hawaii Alpha_Hawaii2

Street Art and Social Change: Dan Witz and Notions of Freedom

Prolific New York based street artist and realist painter, Dan Witz, recently completed two large paintings for Urban Nation Project M/6, curated by Jonathan LeVine. In his photorealistic style and the his familiar imagery of figures behind bars and grates, Witz has brought attention to detention, incarceration, and notions of freedom through his pieces for the show.

Dan Witz 2 photo by Henrik Haven

photo by Henrik Haven

You cannot look into the history of street art without coming across Witz, with him beginning his street art career in the 1970s. This street art pioneer has remained active since – legally and illegally – on the street and off. We applaud Witz’s continual addressing of social issues with his artwork!

Dan Witz 1 photo by Henrik Haven

photo by Henrik Haven


These pieces, in particular, reminded us of this incredible collaborative project he was a part of with Amnesty International in 2013 – Wailing Walls: Against Injustice. Take a look!


1AM Mobile’s “Best of the Week”

Here is the latest uploads from our 1AM Mobile community of artwork from all over the globe.  Thanks cvanloos and Alpha for the finds.  Find out more about how to get involved with 1AM Mobile.

cvanloos_San FranciscoAlpha_Hawaii Alpha_Hawaii3 Alpha_Hawaii2

Happy Thanksgiving from 1AM Family!!

Holidays are a very special time of year, reminding us that our lives are indeed filled with abundance and offering us opportunities to share our many blessings with people we hold dear. Today we express our gratitude that you have all joined our community. Wishing you peace and joy this very special day, and everyday!