Happy Thanksgiving from 1AM Family!!

Holidays are a very special time of year, reminding us that our lives are indeed filled with abundance and offering us opportunities to share our many blessings with people we hold dear. Today we express our gratitude that you have all joined our community. Wishing you peace and joy this very special day, and everyday!





Street Art and Social Change: new mural in Ciudad Juarez by Ever


A tribute mural to the 43 disappeared students in Mexico was recently painted by Argentinean artist, Ever on the streets of Ciudad Juarez. The mural, employing Ever’s usual vibrant colors and human figures, pays homage to the student group whose bus went missing on September 26th in Iguala, Guerrero, Mexico. Governmental statements have said that the students’ bus was stopped by local police on their way to a protest in the town of Iguala, when they were handed over to the drug cartel, Guerreros Unidos. After that many reports, stories, and speculations have surfaced as to what has happened to the students. The truth is still being called for by parents of the disappeared and others outraged by the event.


Ever has been traveling and painting around the world for years now, and we have loved seeing his large-scale, compelling imagery develop! He often paints images that touch on power, nationalism, and the oppressed. With rising protests and calling for answers from Mexican government by tens of thousands of protesters and activists around Mexico, we hope that Ever’s mural and other’s art can raise awareness to this horrific incident.


1AM Mobile’s “Best of the Week”

From France to Texas to California, our 1AM Mobile community has another set of art in the streets.  Thanks pecas, kolorslab, mattnuss, and workhardplayharderer.  Get hooked on the international street art movement by viewing, or uploading pictures wherever you are.  Learn more and download the free app!

pecas_San Antoinio, TX CRowe807_San Francisco, CA mattnuss_Los Angeles, CA kolorslab_nantes, France

Street Art and Social Change: PangeaSeed Sea Walls – San Diego

As a part of PangeaSeed, the Sea Walls project has been bringing attention to the degradation of our ocean and costal environments to people around the world by way of large mural paintings, indoor gallery shows, events, information and conversation. PangeaSeed is an international organization who collaborates with members of the art, science, and environmental activist communities. They are dedicated to raising public awareness and education surrounding oceanic protection and understanding.

PangeaSeed Presents – Sea Walls: Murals for Oceans – Mexico Expedition: Isla Mujeres 2014 from PangeaSeed on Vimeo.

The Sea Walls project aims to bring the oceans to inner cities around the world. By painting large murals with inspirational and educational messages, the hope is to reconnect city residents with the beauty and plight of our oceans. Sea Walls is currently in San Diego, CA, and fifteen street artists have been invited to paint murals addressing the topic of the modern tuna fishing industry. Here is the Australian street artist, Fintan Magee‘s, wall entitled “Hunger.”

Fintan Magee - Hunger

Image via streetartnews.com

Latest 1AM mural, “Daily Grind”

Check out our latest mural production,”Daily Grind”, @ Duboce and South Van Ness in San Francisco.  This mural goes out to all the hard working (and semi-hard working) people that make our city a great one.  If you have a boring wall and are looking to change things up, check out our services, or contact us directly at murals@1amsf.com to get started.


Cisco visits for our first Street Art Workshop!

Cisco brought a great team who were incredibly open to learning about street art culture and put their fingers to the test to carve out stencils of pandas, radios, trucks and their epic final statement of “Emerge – Hello Future”. We loved having you guys, a perfect team to kick off our new team building package! Cisco Street Art Workshop! Cisco Street Art Workshop! Cisco Street Art Workshop! Cisco Street Art Workshop! Email privateevents@1amsf.com to customize a design and book a Street Art Workshop!

Street Art and Social Change: Rustam Qbic

Rustam Qbic is a Russian surrealist artist who’s work touches on themes of knowledge, community, environment, and education. His versatility can be seen with his illustrations, canvases, and large-scale murals. Recently he spent eleven cold days painting this beautiful nine-story piece in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia; a part of the New City Festival.


With the use of these dreamy pastel greens and blues, Rustam paints a picture of what could be a humble critique of humanity, freedom and knowledge. Be sure to check out his other walls and paintings, which explore more themes of nature, books, freedom and modernity! Read More »

1AM Mobile’s “Best of the Week”

Check out this weeks best from the 1AM Mobile App!  Thanks xLe, WJG, and Flamigni for the finds.


tristaneaton george masked1 haringbasquiat2

A tapestry of talent emerges in “Emergent”

1AM Gallery is pleased to present, “Emergent”, a group exhibition, opening November 6th, 6:30 – 9:30pm. The show will feature works by Christopher De Leon, Daniel J Valadez, Emily Moore, J.S. Weis, Leon Loucheur, Malik GirleyMonty Guy, and Steve Javiel.


The process of creating is a journey of exploration. An artist’s thoughts, habits, instincts, and history- these are the pixels that together create the portrait of a creative being. The artists themselves are a facilitating conduit; the elements beneath the conscious surface organize, interlace, and emerge from the cocoon of self. It is the Grand Magic, the emergent properties of style, substance, and self. “Emergent”, is the manifestation of this idea. It views art not as a linear thought, but as a tapestry of experience woven by a skilled hand.

Emergent1 copy

For more information, visit our website. If you have any questions or would like to request media related material, please email anu@1AMSF.com

We Are Crossing – Immigration Told with Street Art

This week we are taking a look at some recent works from artists around the world centered on immigration. Following last week’s writing on Borders, Enclosures, Walls, we will continue in the direction of the movement of people – immigration. People have always moved; it is what has given us our unique and beautiful differences in appearances and cultures! In today’s highly globalized world, however, it is now more difficult for people to move from one place to another than ever before. There are many components at work with this issue (employment, housing, education, health care, environmental resources, etc.), so the topic can be very complex and emotionally charged for many. Over the past couple weeks we’ve come across some paintings that address this topic. Have a look and see what these images may bring up in your own thinking!

What Goes Around Comes Around by Sepe – Mural in Lagos, Portugal during ARTURb artistic residence 2014

What Goes Around Comes Around by Polish artist, Sepe, portrays Portugal’s history of colonialism to it’a current citizen emigration issue. Once an empire benefiting from the taking of land, resources and people from around the world, Portugal is now seeing its citizens emigrating to other countries in search of jobs and a decent life. Sepe’s timeline-like work serves as a historical archive, chronicling past to present.

Read More »