Opening night recap: Mark Bode’s “I Am What I Am at 1AM”


Thank you everyone who came out to celebrate the opening of Mark Bode’s “I Am What I Am at 1AM”! The gallery was bursting with color from Mark & his father’s original work, new limited edition prints, and historical memorabilia. The collection also featured a never-before-seen Vaughn Bode comic, only available for viewing through this weekend! Weren’t able to stop by? Don’t worry, the rest of Mark’s legendary show will be at 1AM for one month, Tuesdays – Saturdays, 12 – 6:30PM.


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Behind the scenes: ‘I Am What I Am’ Opening tomorrow


Sneak peek… Mark Bode’s busy at work finishing our interior & exterior murals for his Cheech Wizard Tribute, “I Am What I Am” at 1AM. Don’t miss the opening tomorrow, Thursday Feb. 4th from 6:30-9:30PM. There is an original Vaughn Bode comic only available for viewing at the opening!

Other highlights of the show feature:
– Never before seen work by Vaughn Bode
– A variety of new limited edition prints from Mark Bode
– Custom working Pinball Machine: the “Molly Snatch Machine”
– 2 original drawings from Vaughn Bode
– Licensing Sheet used by Puma and other product companies

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See you there!

mark with wall & pen

Street Art and Social Change: Icy and Sot Raising Awareness in LA


The Iranian brother duo, Icy and Sot, were in Los Angeles recently to paint a mural for the Endangered Species Mural Project. In proper fashion, they still hit the streets and put up some work around LA. The Endangered Species Mural Project was made possible by the Center for Biological Diversity, which teaming up with local artists to bring endangered wildlife onto the streets through art in cities and towns around the country. Spearheaded by Portland artist Roger Peet, the mural project will feature wildlife species that are special to their regions, promoting an affinity for the natural world and the diverse species that help define it.


Icy and Sot’s mural is of a breeching whale with a child riding it, and the distant horizon being filled with industrial factory plants. Their fine detailed stencil style gives the piece a wonderful illustrative look, and always, loaded with messaging! They put up a couple ad takeovers as well. Two the them show machine guns being wrapped in barbwire and being run through a meat grinder.


The other shows a homeless person being covered with a blanket that is made to look like an American dollar bill.

Icy and Sot - LA

Amazing work from these artists, who always are using their talents to raise attention and awareness toward social and environmental skills. Cant wait to see what they bring next!

A Cheech Wizard Tribute: “I Am What I Am” by Mark Bode

San Francisco! Join us Thursday, February 4th, from 6:30-9:30PM for a Cheech Wizard Tribute Show “I Am What I Am” by artist Mark Bode.


Mark Bode has curated a celebration of the 58 year old cartoon messiah through an array of new and praised artwork, coinciding with the official San Francisco release of the Cheech Wizard’s Book of “ME,” by Fantagraphics publishing. Mark will be painting the gallery inside & out, while the gallery walls are adorned with original Vaughn and Mark Bode artwork, memorabilia, and authentic pages from the book of ME. “I Am What I Am” will be up for one month, be sure to see it!

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Bode Studio-Book

Check out this article about the book and Cheech Wizard from Westfield Comics:
Click Here

Click on the book below to check it out on the Fantagraphics website!


Cheech Wizards Book of Me



Street Art and Social Change: Banksy Critiques Gas Use in Refugee Camps


A few days ago the illusive and highly political British stencil artist, Banksy, put up a piece in downtown London across the street from the French embassy. The painting shows the weeping face of Cosette from Les Misérables (or “The Miserables”), in a cloud of CS tear gas. The famous historical novel by French author, Victor Hugo, has gone on to be more so popularized by numerous adaptations for stage, television, and film.


Next to the image is a QR code that sends the audience to a YouTube video (shown below) of purported French police hurling CS gas canisters into the refugee camps in Calais, France, a place referred to as “The Jungle.” In classic Banksy style, he weaves together image, form, meaning, critique and activism beautifully, to create yet another meaningful piece. Banksy has been focusing on the escalating refugee situation recently. His second latest piece (shown below), in Calais, was an image of Apple founder, Steve Jobs, in the refugee camp with an old Mac in one hand and a bag of belongings over his shoulder. That piece highlighted that Jobs was the son of a Syrian migrant, himself, which provokes the thought – big change makers come from everywhere.

(Banksy's second lastest work in Calais)

(Banksy’s second lastest work in Calais)

What makes the work so historically and culturally relevant is his use of the classic image of Cosette, the little girl from the classic novel. Examining the nature of law and grace, the novel elaborates upon the history of France, the architecture and urban design of Paris, politics, moral philosophy, antimonarchism, justice, religion, and the types and nature of romantic and familial love. Connecting culture, history, oppression, and notions of freedom and liberty, Banksy nailed it once again!

Street Art and Social Change: Axel Void on Time in the Dominican Republic


Not all political street art or work that is loaded with social messaging is as evident as the work of Blu, Gaia, Banksy, or Ron English. Some work that still holds power in its imagery is more subtle. Nonetheless the meaning and messaging is there and can be deeply felt. One artist that has continued to produce such magnificent work around the world is Axel Void. Born in Miami, raised in Spain, and currently residing back in Miami, Void has the beautiful ability to seamlessly weave together classical and urban art. This recent piece, painted in the Dominican Republic, is of a local woman and her grandchild, and reads “Time” above (“Tiempo”). The mural was painted as part of the ArteSano Street Art Festival which took place in the city of Nagua, and is a part of Void’s ongoing Mediocre series, a tribute to daily life.

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Street Art and Social Change: Isaac Cordal in New York City


This December Spanish artist, Isaac Cordal, continued his Cement Eclipses street art sculpture series in New York City. As part of a month long residency at Vyt, part of the Art Students League of New York. Cordal has been creating his miniature concrete sculptures and placing them in unique scenes on the street around the world for years now. The majority of his work is loaded with social critique and questioning the modern human condition. In his words, “Cement Eclipses is a critical definition of our behavior as a social mass. The art work intends to catch the attention on our devalued relation with the nature through a critical look to the collateral effects of our evolution.”

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The latest installments in New York are continuing his narrative by depicting many of his classic morose business men, but also many homeless looking figures as well. Also, some of his sculled figures. Cordal’s critique of social reality on the streets offers a chance for pedestrians to stumble upon (literally) a moment of societal reflection. Powerful interventions for this time of year, as we wind down 2015 and look forward to the beginning of a new year!


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123Klan at Rodearte Festival in Guadalajara


Making Guadalajara itself a giant public exhibition, the Rodearte festival brings together a roster of muralists to promote global peace. 123Klan brought along their Canadian friend Maple the squirrel, in celebration of their recent Canadian citizenship (congratulations!). Scien & Klor dedicated this iconic mural to the children of Oblatos, using their hybrid of graffiti and graphic design to finish the giant 65 foot wall in just 3 days.

We’re stoked to have 123Klan showing with us in April 2016, more details to come soon!

Street Art and Social Change: Onur and Wes21 on Ocean Awareness


With all the action at Wynwood at a close, we wanted to take a look back at the event and highlight one mural in particular that was created. The collaboration between Onur and Wes21 was hands down one of the most talked about and shared murals of Art Basel Miami 2015. The detail is there, with the surface water, bubbles, and container ship. The color is there, with the shades of blue, green, and yellow. The balance and movement is there, with the angled sky and arm projecting out. And, for our attention here, the meaning is there, with the awareness being brought to oceanic health!


The folks over at PangeaSeed and Urban Nation Berlin brought the artists to Miami to paint this piece, and the world has been celebrating since. In PangeaSeed form, the imagery is meant to raise attention and voice concern for the visitors of Miami, and viewers from around the world. Art with meaning, and at a time when the world and its creatures need a voice the most. This piece, by the two incredibly talented European artists, was a shining light of beauty and meaning during an event with so much art on display. Big praise and gratitude to Onur and Wes21, and PangeaSeed and Urban Nation, for orchestrating and executing this beautiful piece!


(Pictures by Daniel Weintraub)

Last Chance to Check Out “Catch Me If You Can!”

Heads up–Ratur and Sckaro’s “Catch Me If You Can” show closes December 19th, their insane surrealist oil paintings are not to be missed. This is your last chance to stop by the gallery, we’re open this Wednesday through Saturday, 12-6:30 PM. This duo’s high-octane work will blow you away!

Ratur's "First Amendment", oil on canvas, 30x44"

Ratur’s “First Amendment,” oil on canvas, 30×44″

Following the close of “Catch Me If You Can,” we have big things planned here at 1AM. Over the holidays we’ll be completely revamping our space, planning for a new and improved gallery in 2016… announcements and updates for the new year to come soon! Stay tuned.

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