“Made in China” Opens this Friday!

1AM Gallery is proud to present “Made in China” featuring Hong Kong-based graffiti writers, Xeme and Sinic. They will bring works on canvas, paper, and posters that toy with what it means to be original in a culture and industry that is overrun with “fake.” Xeme and Sinic appropriate imagery from graffiti and pop culture as well as large company brands and create new works with an intelligent tongue-in-cheek edge. Stop by 1AM Gallery this Friday, April 18th, 6:30-9:30PM for the opening! For now, take a peek at what’s in store.Mao by Sinic“Mao” by SINIC"The social study - 8" by Xeme“The social study – 8″ by XEME

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XEME riffs on the BNE World Water Day fiasco

In a series of acrylic paintings created for our new show “Made in China,” Xeme appropriates famous Banksy pieces and stamps on BNE logos essentially taking a jab at what recently went down between graffiti’s most notorious players. In late March, BNE claimed to have collaborated with Banksy to produce a line of limited edition of T-shirts for his ”Artists 4 Water” campaign to benefit World Water Day. Naturally, the streetwear world was buzzing as it would have been Banksy’s very first retail product: everyone wanted a piece. A few days after the announcement, an post by Animal New York revealed that the whole collaboration was a fake, simply a scheme to use Banksy’s name to sell more T-shirts. Take a look at Xeme’s response to this recent branding fiasco and check out the rest at 1AM Gallery when “Made in China” opens this Friday, April 18th, 6:30-9:30PM.The social study - 4 by XemeThe social study - 1 by Xeme Read More »

Graffiti in Vagrancy

On the Road – Graffiti in Vagrancy” is a 30-minute documentary released in December 2012 following China-based graffiti collective IDT Crew as they embark on a 1200-mile journey from Kunming to Tibet in the name of art. Supported by Converse, WHYYY, NAN, and “Made in China” artist, SINIC, travel for 50 days straight to paint elaborate murals across an ancient and unconventional landscape. Check out a couple of their pieces from along the way and don’t miss the opening for XEME and SINIC‘s 1AM Gallery debut “Made in China” next Friday, April 18th from 6:30-9:30!

Spaceship Crane by IDT CrewBalance Universal, Shangri-La, China by IDT CrewFor more info or to request a preview of “Made in China”, contact Maya@1amsf.com.

Ready, Set, Show!

The 1AM team and Graffuturism extraordinaire, Poesia, are getting prepped and ready for the EXPLOSION of a show, “A Major Minority” which opens this Friday, March 14th, 6:30-9:30! With over 100 artists from all over the world exhibiting a vast myriad of A4-sized original artworks, this opening is a Can’t-Miss for sure! Can’t wait? No probs! We’ve got your preview right here. Check out these sneak peaks!

Honeycomb 2 by Sat One “Honeycomb 2″ by Sat One

Abstract House 5 by Drew Tyndell “Abstract House 5″ by Drew Tyndell

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“A Major Minority” is coming soon to 1AM Gallery!

You won’t want to miss our next show “A Major Minority” opening Friday, March 14th, 6:30-9:30pm. Curated by San Francisco-based artist Poesia, “A Major Minority” is a survey of Othercontemporary Urban Artists from over 18 countries consisting of over a 100 artists. Expect to see a sensational, international sampling of art works that reveal the overall character of Urban Art and its relationship to the public as well as the contemporary art world. Check out the killer artist line-up below: AMMFlyerAMMRosterFlyer For purchasing or general inquiries, please email artsales@1AMSF.com.

Can’t Miss: Liquid Hymn Opens This Friday, February 7th

Only at 1AM! Don’t miss these  fantastic layered ink pieces by J.S. Weis. His drawings explore the beauty and chaos of nature through bursts of color and delicate renderings of plant and animal life all reigned in with intricately cut patterns. Bring your friends for a sick night of art and good conversation. Liquid Hymn opens this Friday, February 7th, from 6:30-9:30PM. If you can’t make it, the show runs until Saturday, March 8th.

JS 2

To request more information or to request a catalog, contact Maya@1amsf.com.

“Connotations” opens at 1AM Gallery!

Last night we kicked off our tattoo-inspired art show “Connotations” featuring the multi-talented artists from Hold Fast Studio: Jesico, Tony Duong, and Mark Heredia. We want to thank everyone who came to support that artists, we’ll be seeing you at the next! Connotations Opening! Read More »


Just a taste of what’s at 1AM Gallery opening TOMORROW NIGHT! Don’t miss the unveiling of Connotations” with it’s vibrant designs and colorful tattoo imagery. Expect tigers, skulls, swords, candles, panthers, dragons, portraits, eagles and more! Email maya@1AMSF.com for the online catalog. IMG_0011 IMG_0015 For more information, visit 1AMGallery.com or email maya@1AMSF.com.

Introducing “Connotations” opening 10/18 at 1AM!

We are excited to release some sneak shots of our upcoming show, “Connotations” opening Friday, October 18th, 6:30-9:30pm. “Connotations” will be filled with designs and paintings of vibrant tigers, dragons, animals, portraits and the many subjects that inspire our three exhibiting Tattoo artists: Jesico, Tony Duong and Mark Heredia. To request an art catalog, email Maya@1AMSF.com. We hope to see you at the opening! flyer jesicos_2jesicos_1 For more information, visit www.1AMGallery.com.

Estria Battle Print Show opens at 1AM!

Last night we released the the Estria Battle print collection at 1AM, adorning our walls with pieces by Cope, Indie, Nychos, Risk, Doves, Defer, Estria, and more! Click here to get one of these hot prints while they’re still in stock! 3 Read More »