Street Art and Social Change: Rustam Qbic

Rustam Qbic is a Russian surrealist artist who’s work touches on themes of knowledge, community, environment, and education. His versatility can be seen with his illustrations, canvases, and large-scale murals. Recently he spent eleven cold days painting this beautiful nine-story piece in Nizhniy Novgorod, Russia; a part of the New City Festival.


With the use of these dreamy pastel greens and blues, Rustam paints a picture of what could be a humble critique of humanity, freedom and knowledge. Be sure to check out his other walls and paintings, which explore more themes of nature, books, freedom and modernity! Read More »

A tapestry of talent emerges in “Emergent”

1AM Gallery is pleased to present, “Emergent”, a group exhibition, opening November 6th, 6:30 – 9:30pm. The show will feature works by Christopher De Leon, Daniel J Valadez, Emily Moore, J.S. Weis, Leon Loucheur, Malik GirleyMonty Guy, and Steve Javiel.


The process of creating is a journey of exploration. An artist’s thoughts, habits, instincts, and history- these are the pixels that together create the portrait of a creative being. The artists themselves are a facilitating conduit; the elements beneath the conscious surface organize, interlace, and emerge from the cocoon of self. It is the Grand Magic, the emergent properties of style, substance, and self. “Emergent”, is the manifestation of this idea. It views art not as a linear thought, but as a tapestry of experience woven by a skilled hand.

Emergent1 copy

For more information, visit our website. If you have any questions or would like to request media related material, please email

Is it time for a fun, offsite adventure?

We are stoked to release our new Street Art Workshop! Bring your team to learn about street artists from around the world, embark on a local mural tour, create your own individual stencils and take-home tote bag or T-shirt and make a final production! Untitled Untitled Untitled To book a workshop today, email

Street Art and Social Change: Borders, Enclosures, Walls

Throughout history barriers have been built for many different reasons – homes, buildings, land, etc. No matter the reason, with the building of barriers brought the notion of property and ownership. With this, walls have been used to divide and enclose, restricting the movement of people, items, and resources. It is from these actions that there have been a great deal of conflicts in history, many of which being about land and state. We can look at examples from history where walls were built for such reasons: the Great Wall of China, the Berlin Wall, the Israel/Palestine wall, and the US / Mexico border wall. These structures have enclosed and divided people, in often very violent ways. However, with the building of these walls has also come the ability to voice outrage, build solidarity, and raise awareness of the situation by painting and creating art directly on them.


Immigrant dolls hung on the US/Mexico border wall

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Honey I Shrunk The Streets – A sneak peek

Some of the art pieces from our community of artists are trickling in and we want to share with you! Our next show “Honey I Shrunk The Streets” will feature art painted on miniature versions of billboards, brick walls, trucks and dumpsters. Check out billboards and dumpsters by RPES, DUEL and GOSER below:

Miniature dumpster by DUEL

Miniature dumpster by DUEL

Miniature billboard by GOSER

Miniature billboard by GOSER

Miniature billboard by RPES

Miniature billboard by RPES

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Street Art and Social Change

Here at 1AM we embrace the power that comes with making one’s mark in this world through creative means. For us, it is our First Amendment: the right of free speech, and we are passionate about exhibiting, teaching, painting, archiving, and sharing the street art  and graffiti movement while inspiring the masses. In a new weekly blog post, we will be sharing impressive ways that street art and graffiti are changing the world.

A new piece by Brooklyn artist, Gilf!, calling for action to The People’s Climate March in NYC. (photo © Jaime Rojo) via

Art has always played a powerful role in history, and social movements have used its power in many ways. More recently, street art and graffiti have been playing particularly more prominent roles in current social and environmental justice movements. Street art and graffiti have served as a living archive, as a collective memory, as community representation, as building solidarity, in reclaiming public spaces, and in giving voice to the silenced. Thanks to modern technology and sharing capabilities, street art and graffiti have been increasingly well documented in recent movements like the current Climate Crisis protests in New York, Occupy, the Arab Spring, and in Ukraine, Greece, Palestine, and Syria. We can go back farther to the prolific use of graffiti and stenciling in the 2001 social movement in Argentina, and even farther back to the painting on the eastern side of the Berlin Wall before its destruction.

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Gray Be Gone!

An occasional splash of color so enlivens the drab grays of any city neighborhood! Take a look around, there’s a pulsating universe of colors created by street artists for everyone to enjoy.

Maya Hayuk in Baltimore

Maya Hayuk in Baltimore

Street art delightfully impacts with color where architecture never imagined it to be. It has the interpretive vision to reface, re-energize, and reimagine a building. Artists versed in art history and the rhythms of the street are collaborating with warm colors, geometric patterns, grid inspired lines and abstraction.

Kenor in Poland

Kenor in Poland

“The environment and its colors are perceived, and the brain processes and judges what it perceives on an objective and subjective basis. Psychological influence, communication, information, and effects on the psyche are aspects of our perceptual judgment processes. Hence, the goals of color design in an architectural space are not relegated to decoration alone.” writes Frank H Mahnke, in his book Color, Environment and Human Response

RRobots in Brooklyn

Color is an international language understood by all, and street artists use it to perfection to express themselves with. Check out some 1AM murals that beautify our hometown of San Francisco. For more info, email

“Becoming Lucid” opens at 1AM Gallery!

Last night, we opened up “Becoming Lucid” featuring a collection by French artist Ratur. The opening started with live painting by the artist on our 1AM mural wall and continued on through the night with a live DJ set by Tekst for a crowd of lively art appreciators. To see the full collection, visit! Becoming Lucid Art Opening! Becoming Lucid Art Opening! Read More »

Google stops by for a good morning of graff!

A team from Google visited us at 1AM for a personalized event featuring a catered lunch, t-shirt stenciling, marker tagging, and spray painting. They chose to take their cans to canvas rather than our wall and produced murals with the phrases “Know UX”, “Quality + Innovation”, and “Know the Ledge” in addition to one mural dedicated entirely to their department’s unique logo. Google Workshop 7/15/14 Google Workshop 7/15/14 If you think that your department or team would like a team-building activity like this, then contact us by email at to get the ball rolling!

Facebook returned with a vengeance to tag our canvases!

Facebook‘s Advertising Team paid 1AM a visit and wasted no time in working together with our teachers to create some seriously stunning street art. Representing the different facets of their team’s responsibilities, they chose “Data”, “Local” and “In-Store” as the centerpieces of their three murals, which all turned out cleaner than any of the team could have imagined! Facebook Ads Team June 2014 Facebook Ads Team June 2014 Have your team tag our walls and canvases by emailing us at today!