Cisco visits for our first Street Art Workshop!

Cisco brought a great team who were incredibly open to learning about street art culture and put their fingers to the test to carve out stencils of pandas, radios, trucks and their epic final statement of “Emerge – Hello Future”. We loved having you guys, a perfect team to kick off our new team building package! Cisco Street Art Workshop! Cisco Street Art Workshop! Cisco Street Art Workshop! Cisco Street Art Workshop! Email to customize a design and book a Street Art Workshop!

Cafe Press brings their team for something new!

Cafe Press brought their team of 60 for something different this time- they dove into the history of graffiti, a local mural tour and some fun mingling while chowing down on Tacolicious and making some rad take home canvases! Cafe Press Workshop! Cafe Press Workshop! Cafe Press Workshop! Email to set up a unique offsite for your team.

Genentech brings their team to get their paint on!

We had an an awesome Genentech team pay us a visit for some delicious lunch, knowledge of graffiti and a full immersion in some mural creation. They created a four paneled, bright mural to take back to their office space. Always a joy to work with! Genentech Workshop! Genentech Workshop! Read More »

Is it time for a fun, offsite adventure?

We are stoked to release our new Street Art Workshop! Bring your team to learn about street artists from around the world, embark on a local mural tour, create your own individual stencils and take-home tote bag or T-shirt and make a final production! Untitled Untitled Untitled To book a workshop today, email

Sky Partners says “Sky’s the Limit!”

Sky Partners visited 1AM early last week for an amazing offsite- they learned about the history of graffiti, did a local mural tour, created take home T-shirts and even invited local passersby to vote on which mural they liked best. It was awesome to meet you guys! Sky Partners Workshop! Sky Partners Workshop! For inquiries, email

Dropbox kills it with style!

Dropbox brought their team in for an intensive, hands-on workshop to learn about the history of graffiti and gain appreciation of the culture. They left with two killer murals to take back to their office!Dropbox Workshop 9/3/2014 Dropbox Workshop 9/3/2014Interested in a team building workshop? Email

Facebook returned with a vengeance to tag our canvases!

Facebook‘s Advertising Team paid 1AM a visit and wasted no time in working together with our teachers to create some seriously stunning street art. Representing the different facets of their team’s responsibilities, they chose “Data”, “Local” and “In-Store” as the centerpieces of their three murals, which all turned out cleaner than any of the team could have imagined! Facebook Ads Team June 2014 Facebook Ads Team June 2014 Have your team tag our walls and canvases by emailing us at today!

Saturday Spray Get Down!

Last Saturday was the launch of our new Art of Graffiti 2.0 with Roby! The students got down with their own styles, sketching, and skills by doing a collaborative mural on 1AM’s very own wall for the public to see. Hit “read more” to find out more about our upcoming classes every third Saturday of the month!



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LinkedIn takes their cans to canvas!

When LinkedIn‘s team left our gallery, they had not only spray painted stencils onto t-shirts using their company’s name, but they took home a tagging canvas with their LinkedIn logo. Linked-In Workshop June Linked-In Workshop June Send us an email at to get your team tagging here!


We’ve all seen street art and graffiti around the city. Now it’s your turn to get involved! Experience hands-on street art fun and start off with something fresh and different this summer! 1AM is proud to present our three NEW Street Art Classes happening Saturdays from 12:30pm-4:30pm! With longer hours for you to paint and new stylin’ additions to each class, now is the time to try it out and get CREATIVE. Hit “Read More” to check out our schedule from JULY-AUGUST and reserve a spot now.


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