Ready, Set, Show!

The 1AM team and Graffuturism extraordinaire, Poesia, are getting prepped and ready for the EXPLOSION of a show, “A Major Minority” which opens this Friday, March 14th, 6:30-9:30! With over 100 artists from all over the world exhibiting a vast myriad of A4-sized original artworks, this opening is a Can’t-Miss for sure! Can’t wait? No probs! We’ve got your preview right here. Check out these sneak peaks!

Honeycomb 2 by Sat One “Honeycomb 2″ by Sat One

Abstract House 5 by Drew Tyndell “Abstract House 5″ by Drew Tyndell

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Little School visits 1AM for a full team building workshop!

We had an awesome visit with Little School last week as their staff learned about the history of graffiti, went on a local mural tour and were highly inquisitive about the art of spray painting. They made a killer mural that says “Play Your Part!” 10 6 Read More »

E la Carte visits for a team adventure at night!

The E la Carte team visited 1AM last week, jumping right into learning some street knowledge and delicious pizza to begin they’re night. They spray-painted take home T-shirts and fearlessly sprayed a mural at night!¬†145 Read More »

Dstillery visits for an evening of spray painting and stenciling!

This week, we hosted a great holiday event for Dstillery, a local marketing company. They filled up their take home tag canvas and got to stencil T-shirts with an array of stencils from ice cream cones to the golden gate bridge. We hope to see you all again soon!
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iProspect hosts a Happy Hour team event at 1AM!

We had an awesome time with the team from iProspect last Friday, they got down on the tag wall, learned about the world of graffiti and tried they hand at spray-painting. Great job guys! iPropsect Workshop! iProspect Workshop! Read More »

NodePrime creates a branded graffiti mural for the office!

Last week, the NodePrime team visited us for a special team building event. They learned a bit about graffiti culture, some spray practice techniques and finished off with their own custom take home mural. We can’t wait to see it up in their office! NodePrime Workshop! Read More »

McGinnis Chen visits 1AM to learn the art of the tag!

We had a great workshop recently with the team from McGinnis Chen Associates, a local architecture and engineering company. They learned about the history of graffiti, tagged a canvas to take back to the office, embarked on a local mural tour and ended with the creation of their very own mural that says “Building Salvation”. It was great having you guys, come back to visit soon! McGinnis Chen Workshop! McGinnis Chen Workshop! Read More »

Yelp visits 1AM for a team building workshop!

Last week, Yelp rolled through with their team to learn a little bit about the world of street art! They tried their hand at the tag, practiced some spray painting and finished their session with a long Yelp! mural. It was awesome having you guys, come back soon! Yelp Workshop! Yelp Workshop! Read More »

Our First Yelp Field Trip!

Last Wednesday we had an awesome Yelp field trip, doing free T-shirt stenciling, spray practice, and live painting as guests enjoyed some Snakebite beers and wine. It was a great night of art and activities in San Francisco, thanks Yelp! 10 68 Interested in attending our future events? Email to sign up for our newsletter.

1AM’s latest Mural, bringing the outdoors, indoors.

Thanks to Ken Fulk, we brought nature into a San Francisco home and busted out a redwood forest for an event hosted by Save The Redwoods League. ¬†Thanks to Rafael for photos of the final interior design! SP4 SP9 Read More »