Slack Corp Creates a Mural

Slack Corp came by 1AMSF for a team building workshop. They started off with a history of Graffiti presentation followed by a mural walk tour, tshirt stenciling activity and mural production on our wall! Our workshops are a great way to spend these nice summer days outdoors and being creative! For corporate team building workshop or private class inquiries please contact


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Pinterest Stencil Class

Pinterest came by 1AMSF for our Street Art Package! In this workshop you’ll learn what goes behind created your own unique stencil that you can spray paint onto any surface! Here are some pictures of what everyone created. For team building workshop or private class inquiries please contact

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Facebook at 1AM SF!

Facebook joins us at 1Am SF for a graffiti art class where they got to create their own Facebook mural piece! With the guidance of our graffiti teachers groups get to come in and create an exciting experience through learning and creating street art. Our workshops are great ways to do something different with your company and team build as you create your very own mural. For emails and inquiries contact to sign up for one of our awesome team building workshops!


Apple Visits 1AM GENERATOR

Apple came by our Oakland location for a team building workshop! The 1AM graffiti classes are a great way to engage your team in a fun and exciting way. Each company gets to create their very own customized mural with the help of  our talented graffiti artists. Contact for any interests and sign up for a workshop with 1AM this summer!







Team Building with Dropbox

Dropbox came in and created their own “Dropbugs” mural with our graffiti team! The group enjoyed themselves as they learned how to spray paint and work as a team painting on our wall at the 1AM SF Gallery location. With the help of our talented mural team you can join us at 1AM for group and private workshops where you too can create your very own tags and spray paint a mural. For all inquiries and interests contact for a quote or consultation!







Check out our recap of Back and Forth by Collin van der Sluijs and Super A currently on view at First Amendment Gallery in Downtown San Francisco!  We want to thank everyone that made it out to the opening and to the two artists for all of their hard work the past two weeks.  Be sure to contact to learn more about available works.












As apart of their duo exhibition, Back and Forth, Collin van der Sluijs and Super A recently completed a large beautiful wall on the side of the gallery in Downtown San Francisco.  Apocalypse, is in reference to the four horseman of the Apocalypse.  Be sure to check out the mural and exhibition in person at First Amendment Gallery through July 13th!  To learn more about the available works of Collin and Super A contact







Graffiti Art Class with Adobe

Adobe joined us for a private graffiti class where they practiced their letter making skills and created a custom art mural on our outside wall. Come join the fun with your team this summer by contacting for a quote!


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Salesforce Team Building Workshop!

Salesforce came by for an exciting offsite event where they were able to create a custom graffiti art mural to take back to their offices! Our team bonding activities are a great way to spend the day outside of the office and get everyones creativity flowing! For workshop and private class inquiries please contact vanessa@1amsf.com33883529965_2db26d7a96_k 33883514985_e50dc1e27b_k

Freeman Marketing Workshop!

Freeman marketing joined us for some graffiti art activities at our San Francisco location! They practiced some spray painting before creating their “Fierce” Mural. For team building workshop or offsite corporate event inquiries please contact


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Academy of Arts Senior Studio Portfolio

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First Amendment Gallery will be lending our space on Friday May 26th from 7 to 10 pm to the graduating students of the Academy of Art. Come join us for free drinks and functional art! The show will be one night only at 1000 Howard Street displaying large and small pieces that put a twist on the impermanent nature of reality. These works of art are by graduating fine arts students from the Academy of Art in San Francisco.

CONSUME:  A functional art show featuring 5 emerging artists making a statement about consumerism and impermanence.

In our current society consumerism has made the impermanent both prevalent and preferred. Art has become an even more inaccessible commodity because of its longevity and permanent nature, and this is reflected further still in the high price tag.

As artists in the Bay Area, we understand that space and money are limited. We aim to highlight this by incorporating our original art into every day objects that are functional, space efficient and affordable. In doing so, we hope to open up this art up to a wider audience and create art for the people rather than just the elite, while still forming a cohesive art show and providing a commentary on the impermanence of modern life.

Five artists have come together to make this concept a reality. Every piece is an original, unique to the artist that created it, and together makes a unified show that challenges what the concept of “fine art” actually means.

CONSUME Featuring:

Natalie Gabriel 

Katie Hara

Hannah Laws

Rachel Schneider

Samantha Veneros 

With Kevin Moore & A Special Guest Artists Raffle

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