Genentech brought their Finance Department for an exciting offsite!

We had a great time meeting Genentech‘s Finance Department as we taught them some drawing exercises, spray paint practice and guided them through the creation of their very own take home mural, it looks awesome! Genentech Workshop! Genentech Workshop! To create a take-home mural with your team, email

“A Major Minority” is coming soon to 1AM Gallery!

You won’t want to miss our next show “A Major Minority” opening Friday, March 14th, 6:30-9:30pm. Curated by San Francisco-based artist Poesia, “A Major Minority” is a survey of Othercontemporary Urban Artists from over 18 countries consisting of over a 100 artists. Expect to see a sensational, international sampling of art works that reveal the overall character of Urban Art and its relationship to the public as well as the contemporary art world. Check out the killer artist line-up below: AMMFlyerAMMRosterFlyer For purchasing or general inquiries, please email

Curator James Brown interviews RC Work for upcoming “Clash of the Titans” 1:6 Show!

Curator James Brown interviewed 1:6 artist RC Work for a quick pre-show interview. Read up before the show opening on Friday, January 10th! Please email for an online catalog.  IMG_1261

RC Work, tell me a bit more about the Forgotten World series, this has been a long labor of love, with so many great designs. Is there a plan to do a larger run of toys ?

Actually I wanna create a space where it’s a bit out of reality. It’s very important to build up the atmosphere of the series the most in the beginning. You can find that the whole series is connected between the nature and the human being. There are many different kinds of people or creatures who bear their own responsibility or characters and I wanna show how the human being reacts under unstable situations. Read More »

Ozy visits 1AM for an end of the year offsite!

Last month we had an awesome team offsite event with Ozy, a daily news and culture magazine. They were a vibrant team that set up an entire day to brainstorm their next business year, listen to awesome guest speakers, and enjoy a quick exercise on the art of the tag! 10

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1AM Mobile Highlights from Oeyra, ilc_, and Gusto

Check out the 1AM Mobile App here to see street art and graffiti around the world.  Thanks for the finds from our members from Mexico City by ilc_, San Francisco by Gusto, and Oslo by Oeyra.




McGinnis Chen visits 1AM to learn the art of the tag!

We had a great workshop recently with the team from McGinnis Chen Associates, a local architecture and engineering company. They learned about the history of graffiti, tagged a canvas to take back to the office, embarked on a local mural tour and ended with the creation of their very own mural that says “Building Salvation”. It was great having you guys, come back to visit soon! McGinnis Chen Workshop! McGinnis Chen Workshop! Read More »

Ironlak features SOFLES!

Another awesome video of SOFLES beasting it up!

Yelp visits 1AM for a team building workshop!

Last week, Yelp rolled through with their team to learn a little bit about the world of street art! They tried their hand at the tag, practiced some spray painting and finished their session with a long Yelp! mural. It was awesome having you guys, come back soon! Yelp Workshop! Yelp Workshop! Read More »

Hip Hop Hippos, Pizza, and Cartoons!

Last Saturday we had our Character Creation Class with Robby where the students drew everything from pizza faces to hip hop hippos! This Saturday is our LAST Stencil Class of the year! Read MORE to get a promo code on our upcoming classes!

Character Creation Class

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Top Pics on 1AM Mobile App by Matnuss, Oeyra, and Jankro