Davina came by the gallery to enjoy a private night time workshop with our instructor Ethan. The group participated in our Graffiti workshop which includes learning how to tag and coming up with your very own tag name and also learning how to spray paint. The team got to practice on a canvas panel with pens and mops to get comfortable with their graffiti style and then they took it to our mural wall where they got to use spray paint  before painting their own mural. The murals are a great way to put your creative skills to work and make a finished piece with the help of our instructors. The group had a great time as they enjoyed food and drinks during the workshop while they bonded and got to get to know their team better. Our workshops are designed to show different groups of people how enjoyable street art can be while sharing our passion of street art and graffiti with an entirely new audience. We have a variety of different packages and options to chose from so to book your own workshop for friends and family, your company or whoever is interested contact privateevents@1amsf.com. Now here are a few flicks from the workshop to get a closer look at their experience.