Dystopia an Exhibition by Hell’o Collective


First Amendment Gallery is pleased to announce our upcoming exhibition “Dystopia” featuring the works of Hell’o Collective.

Dystopia will be showcasing new works from Hell’o Collective and will be opening on Thursday, November 2nd from 7-10 pm at 1000 Howard St. in San Francisco

RSVP here and to be added to the advanced collectors preview or if you have any questions, please contact info@firstamendmentgallery.com



Large Group Outing


Over 100 people gather at First Amendment Gallery in SF to celebrate Old Navy and Gaps’s success and team up with 1AM for some exciting team building. The group was happy to align their company values with the mission of 1AM and bring more street art to the SF community. Gap and Old Navy teamed up with our talented teachers to create two large scale canvas murals to take back to their office. They did some practice tagging in the gallery around a three piece “IM” canvas mural to get their creative juices flowing while learning how to write their own tag.




Next the group went outside to create a finished mural together using spray paint with the help of our workshop instructors and do some more practice tagging with the spray cans. The team chose to write “Money Makers” for their second mural and together they took turns filling up the canvas. By the end the group created a brand new finished piece for the office.








First Amendment was happy to have a full gallery of people surrounded by art. The group also enjoyed food and beverages inside the gallery throughout the workshop, which is always allowed and encouraged to help complement the experience. We also offer catering for larger scale workshops with a variety of different packages to choose from. To book a workshop of your own contact privateevents@1amsf.com and join us for some fun and exciting group outing!



Artist Spotlight Luke Pelletier

First Amendment Gallery is thrilled to introduce Luke Pelletier as our artist spotlight. Luke Pelletier has three works on display at our group show “Natural Plain”, open until October 26th. He is based out of Los Angeles, but grew up in North Carolina. He is a young artist, sculptor, printmaker, and musician with a noteworthy amount of talent. He earned a BFA from the School of Art Institute Chicago in 2015. Living in such a popular tourist destination like LA, Pelletier is influenced to paint what he sees. This includes vibrant colors, pop symbolism, and culture clashes in a “decaying paradise”. The theme of Americana is rampant throughout his fun, cartoonish imagery- with a twist of dark humor.




Pelletier’s work both celebrates and condemns the tourist. As a local, he experiences the seasonal wave of people from different cities that have come to marvel at the glitz and glamor of celebrity lifestyles among the palm trees. It’s easy to poke fun at the gawking tourist, but the city also depends on these visitors for their money. The relationship between the local and the tourist is a blurred line. Pelletier explores the relationship through nostalgic colors and imagery of Americana, reminding us of cheap motels and postcards from tropical destinations.





Pelletier is constantly churning out new projects, from installations to comics. Keep up to date with his work on his blog. To collect an original artwork of your own contact info@firstamendmentgallery.com and visit First Amendment Gallery to see “Natural Plain”, showing through October 26th. 





A huge thanks to everyone that made it out to the opening reception of “Natural Plain” a group exhibition curated by Brock Brake currently on view in Downtown San Francisco with First Amendment Gallery.  We cannot thank you enough for the continued support over the past 8 years.  We hope you enjoy seeing all of these new artists as much as we do!

The current group exhibition “Natural Plain” features the paintings and sculptures by:
Aeron Roemer – Conor Kolk – Ian Ferguson – Jared Duncan Tharp – Lenworth Joonbug McIntosh – Luke Pelletier – Mando Marie – Nelio – Oliver Hawk – Saddo – Samual Weinberg – Scott Albrecht












Screen Shot 2017-10-11 at 1.02.01 PM


For inquiries and interests in collecting a piece from our “Natural Plain” contact info@firstamendmentgallery.com or view the full catalog at firstamendmentgallery.com

Group Outing

Lola Lola came by our gallery for an awesome day of stencil creations! Our street art package offers individual art projects for everyone in your team along with a group stencil mural that you can hang in your offices! For private workshops or corporate team outings contact privateevents@1amsf.com for more information!36793109834_ca3fd78d3c_k 37455132676_d7b6712c2e_k

Saddo Artist Spotlight

First Amendment Gallery is proud to spotlight the up and coming artist, Saddo, otherwise known as Raul Oprea. He is a Romanian artist, illustrator and muralist who founded one of the first Romanian street art collectives “The Playground”. He has an impressive list of collaborations with international galleries from Glasgow, Stockholm and Berlin, just to name a few. He currently has two pieces on display in a group show, “Natural Plain” at First Amendment Gallery exhibiting until October 26th.

Stories of Violence 1 by saddo


Saddo earned his education at Art University in Cluj Napoca, Romania, but found himself unlearning the formalities of high brow art in order to adopt a more “fresh” style- using graffiti, comics, and horror as muses. He creates work with a range of themes that have been constantly evolving and improving. These themes include death, mythology, war, religion, and natural science. He draws inspiration from painters of the 15th – 17th centuries like Giuseppe Arcimboldo and Bosch. He cites street art as a big influence, as it lets him feel the most “loose” and connected with a larger group of people. His massive murals are a sight to behold, existing in Bangkok, Budapest, Bosnia, Morocco, and Canada.




Saddo’s first solo show “Rise of The Bird People” at Objectos Misturados Gallery in Portugal was a profound series of bird portraits that assume the roles of conquerors in a dystopian future. He imagines this race of war hungry super-birds that replace human history with a savage mythical world. Saddo’s ability to create strange new creatures with visually stunning painting techniques will leave you curious and wanting more. Keep up to date with Saddo’s new project which include fun portraits of hip-hop rappers by liking his Facebook pageTo collect an original artwork of your own contact info@firstamendmentgallery.com and visit First Amendment Gallery to see “Natural Plain”, showing through October 26th. 






Mando Marie Artist Spotlight


First Amendment Gallery is taking a closer look at the dreamy work of Mando Marie this week. With our new group show “Natural Plain” exhibiting through October 26th, we’ve decided to show a personal and behind the scenes view of some of our favorite artists.








This week we focus on the captivating work of Mando Marie, an American painter and stencilist based out of Colorado. Graduating with a degree from Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design and has been painting since 2001. She primarily focuses on mixed media, collage work and stenciling and has exhibited all over the US and Europe. Mando Marie is also an extremely talented muralist with large scale pieces similar to her storybook style, conquering Europe with some unique pieces to add to her highly renowned street art image. Here is a look at some of our favorite pieces of hers in the US and Europe. 








Mando Marie is highly respected in the street art world and her ability to use stencil work and mixed media that also appeal to the fine art world establishes her as a very unique and well rounded member of the art community. Mando Marie has exhibited at some highly regarded galleries such as Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles, White Walls in San Francisco, and has even had solo exhibitions at C.A.V.E. Gallery and The Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.







Mando Marie illustrative style mainly focuses on graphic work of children, young adults and even some appearances of wolves throughout her works. Here is a closer look at some of the pieces she is currently exhibiting at our gallery available for purchase. To collect an original of your own contact info@firstamendmentgallery.com and come check out the show for yourself through October 26th!












1AM Visits Western Digital


Our 1AM team visited Milpitas to join Western Digital in an outside workshop. The team started off with some practice tagging on canvasses before they teamed up with Tion and Colt to create two canvas murals including this “We Think Big” mural. We are always available for offsite workshops and events if you schedule through privateevents@1amsf.com! Book today for a team building workshop at one of our locations or your a location of your choosing. Here are some snapshots from the event.





NATURAL PLAIN: A Group Exhibition at First Amendment Gallery

Opening Reception | Thursday, September 28th
Showing Through | October 26th 2018






A Group Exhibition By

Aeron Roemer
Conor Kolk
Ian Ferguson
Jared Duncan Tharp
Lenworth Joonbug McIntosh
Luke Pelltier
Mando Marie
Oliver Hawk
Samual Weinberg
Scott Albrecht
Yoskay Yamamoto

To be added to the collectors preview contact

Omada Health Visits 1AM


Omada Health joins us at First Amendment to learn about street art and create a mural on our very own 6th street mural wall. The workshop starts off with some practice tagging and then a big new mural in collaboration with our street art instructors. To book  a private mural event email privateevents@1amsf.com  We can even do visits at off site locations and you can customize your experience!