Take Flight x TEASER x 1AM Gallery

Prepare to experience weightlessness thanks to the art soaring into our next show, “Take Flight“. This show marks an important milestone for the participating artists,  AganaAnnie PreeceCamer1GrimnastyIvan “Gath” PreciadoJenna Morello, and Leba, because it is the first show they will be involved in together since the airing of the new reality television show “Street Art Throwdown”. You can expect the unexpected from this show. You may catch a glimpse of wings, kites, astronauts, or more flying out of the art, but the only way to find out for sure is to come to the gallery yourself. Mark your calendar for the opening day on Thursday, March 12th at 6:30 to 9:30pm. We look forward to seeing you there!


Sneak peak at a painting by Ivan Preciado

Sneak peak at a painting by Ivan Preciado


Please email ANU@1amsf.com to request art catalog.

Artist Spotlight: Vans the Omega

This week we’re excited to introduce Vans the Omega as our featured artist spotlight. Loosely based out of Adelaide, Australia, Vans the Omega has spent time crafting his skills in a variety of letterforms and painting. He has traveled and showcased his art around the globe consistently since 2000. His work typically captures abstract shapes, traditional graffiti aesthetics, and an array of patterns.

Against the Falls by Vans the Omega

Against the Falls by Vans the Omega

Mural by Vans the Omega

Mural by Vans the Omega

Mural by Vans the Omega

Mural by Vans the Omega

Mural by Vans the Omega

Mural by Vans the Omega

As one of the artists in our current show, Inamorata, Vans the Omega diverged from his traditional style to create something more emotional and distorted. We asked him to give us some insight about his piece, “Against the Falls” and where he looked for inspiration.

“The inspiration is drawn from my idea of rising out of water, emotion and cleansing. Instead of painting someone I loved, I decided to let the process of painting this work and what I was personally going through dictate and guide me into a feeling of love through exploration. I just had my mural work destroyed in my home city and was trying to make sense of it by effectively trashing my finer art with a sense of vandalism and aggression, then worked on bringing it into balance by stripping it back unveiling a new raw sense of its beauty and maybe a more honest approach to this final piece.” – Vans the Omega

See “Against the Falls” in person at 1AM Gallery. Please email ANU@1amsf.com for inquiries.

Announcing: Take Flight

We’re excited to announce “Take Flight”, an exhibit curated by CAMER1, opening Thursday, March 12th, 6:30-9:30pm, and showcasing artists from the new television reality show “Street Art Throwdown”.

camer1-takingFlight-complete2-w (1)

Cameron “CAMER1″ Moberg, a contestant in the show, will be joining us as we celebrate the new steps in the careers of contestants and artists Agana, Annie Preece, Grimnasty, Ivan “Gath” Preciado, Jenna Morello, Leba and Camer1.

There is a lot of anticipation around how these artists will play with the theme. Some artists will be taking a literal approach – with depictions of astronauts and birds – while others are going for a more abstract understanding of the phrase. On a subtle level, the title relates to the feeling an artist gets when they completely align with the creative process – a weightlessness where time is a blur and all that exists is the artist and air. See what form emerges from these artists’ work at the opening of Take Flight!

For more information, visit www.1AMGallery.com. If you have any questions or would like to request media related material, please email ANU@1AMSF.com.

Street Art and Social Change: Icy & Sot

February NYC

Iranian stencil street art duo (based out of Brooklyn), Icy & Sot, hit the cold February streets of New York City to create their latest political piece. The two artists are some of the most politically engaged street artists in the world, using their work to communicate concern and hope on social justice issues like immigration, censorship, homelessness, weapons and capitalism. With this particular piece they are addressing LGBT rights. This topic holds certain significance to the Iranian artists, as in their home country homosexuality is a punishable crime. Thank you, Icy & Sot, and keep up the artivism!

Artist Spotlight – Jet Martinez

Oakland-based artist, Jet Martinez is known for creating vibrant works of art that put a contemporary spin on folk art motifs. Originally from the small beach town of Tuxpan, Veracruz, Mexico, Martinez takes inspiration from his native culture’s rich traditions of pottery, weaving and embroidery. We asked Jet to tell us about the pieces he created for our current show, Inamorata.

Pa Mi Chiquis by Jet Martinez

Pa Mi Chiquis by Jet Martinez

Jet explains, “Pieces in this body of work are part of a larger body of work I have been doing based/inspired by Mexican folk arts. These particular pieces are inspired by lacquered, painted plates from the state of Michoacan.

Breathe In, Breathe Out by Jet Martinez

Breathe In, Breathe Out by Jet Martinez

I paint with the simple manipulation of 2 colors on one brush. In the context of this show, flowers often represent feminine qualities and jubilant life. My idea for these pieces was to create bouquets of sorts- gifts of love for my own girls, my wife and my daughter. They are also meant as gifts for the viewer.

Lo Que Tu Prometi by Jet Martinez

Lo Que Tu Prometi by Jet Martinez

Nothing complicated here, just a sincere little warm thought from me.”

Siempre Tu by Jet Martinez

Siempre Tu by Jet Martinez

Don’t miss the chance to see Jet’s work. Come see his incredible paintings and more at the 1AM gallery. Please email ANU@1amsf.com for inquiries.

Street Art and Social Change: Askew One and Elliot Francis Stewart in Australia


Askew One and Elliot Francis Stewart just finished this massive 9 story wall in Port Adelaide, Australia. The collaboration of the New Zealander and Australian was for the Wonderlandwalls Festival, held in Adelaide this last January. The two artists wanted to pay respect to the local land and peoples history. The writing in the background was painted by Askew One, and is written in Kaurna (the local indigenous group), reading: “Ngadluku Kaurna Miyurna Kaurna Yarta tampinthi. Marni niina pudni Kaurna yarta-ana pudni. Pukipirra tarrkarri mankutitya’dlu tirkanthi.” Translated into English that means “Let’s recognise Kaurna People and Kaurna Land. It’s good that you came to Kaurna land. Learn from the past so that we can grasp the future.”

Photo courtesy of The Opening Hours

The figure, painted by Elliot Francis Stewart, has many components linking past to present and future. The figure is looking backward into the past, while moving forward into the future. One hand is clutching a handful of earth containing bird eggs and bones (things the artists found at their feet when painting the mural), and the other hand holding a hammer (a tribute to Port Adelaide’s industrial history). The figure’s pants are torn on both knees. The hind leg knee is unmended (past), the front leg knee is mended with the Australian Aboriginal flag (future).

Photo courtesy of Sam ClarkPhoto courtesy of Sam Clark

The Kaurna people and culture, along with other indigenous Australian peoples, was almost completely destroyed in the mid 19th century with onset of European colonization. However, thanks to extensive documentation by early missionaries, and recent researches and dedicated individuals, a revival of the language and culture is happening. Jack Buckskin (who is doing so much work to define Kaurna as a written & spoken language) assisted the artists with the mural by making sure the spelling was correct. “Considering the past of the region and how affected Kaurna and other indigenous people have been, I think this is such an incredible sentiment to have and feel honoured to have been given the task of painting these words. Ironically (and as always there’s a serendipitous aspect to every large wall I paint) we completed this on Australia Day.” – Askew One

Photo courtesy of Tricia Watkinson

(story awareness via streetartnews)

Amandalynn and Jet Martinez Turn Muses into Murals for “Inamorata”

If you’ve strolled by 6th and Howard Street this past week you will have seen the incredible murals up for our newest show, Inamorata. Thanks to Amandalynn, Annica Lydenberg, and Jet Martinez, the collaboration for these murals highlight not only the beauty of the theme, but also the strong solidarity of the artists in this show. If you didn’t get a chance to see the artists at work for yourself, now’s your chance. Thanks to Zane Meyer, we were able to capture the creation of these pieces in the film below.





Inamorata Mural by Jet Martinez

Inamorata Mural by Amandalynn and Annica Lydenberg

For inquiries or to request art catalog, please email ANU@1amsf.com.

Street Art and Social Change: YZ Pays Tribute to the Strong “Amazone” Women of Western Africa


To kick off February and Black History Month, we want to share the incredible work of French artist, YZ!  YZ has been hard at work on her recent project, entitled Amazone, in the Western African country of Senegal. The project is centered around the historical importance of the powerful, intellectual, and vigilant women of the area during 19th Century French colonization struggles. These freedom fighting women, called the Dahomey Amazons, were central in African resistance during the French-Dahomey War. Using historical photographs of the Amazon women from the era, YZ prints out the images on large-format paper and wheatpastes them on walls and structures across Senegal.

wfacafrica-14-960x600 wfacafrica-15-960x600 wfacafrica-21-960x600 wfacafrica-31-960x600

“I want to show warriors from ancient times; revolutionists, anti-colonialists, intellectual women who have written the story of Africa. We need figures to be proud of our roots, to keep fighting for our rights, and to write the story of tomorrow.” – YZ


Paring an image with a wall has allowed YZ to meet many hardworking women around Senegal today. Through her Amazone project, YZ is hoping to share an often untold story of the these courageous women from history, while linking their stories to the roles of modern Senegalese women today. Be sure to check out YZ’s incredible ongoing project in Senegal and her other projects!


(all photos courtesy © YZ)

Inamorata – Behind The Scenes

We’re putting up fresh paint and new artwork today at the gallery in preparation for the “Inamorata” show opening tomorrow. Curated by Amandalynn, “Inamorata” showcases the feminine spirit and the fire ignited in an artist by his or her muse. In preparation for the show, we’re giving you a little glance into the finishing touches going on in the gallery today. Meet the artists and get a first look at the new art tomorrow, February 5th 6:30 – 9:30 PM. Please email ANU@1AMSF.com to request art catalog.





“Qual é a boa?” says Coca-Cola!

We have the Brazilian team up for a workshop to learn more about graffiti and street art. The team gained a greater appreciation about the culture to bring back to Sao Paulo and left us with a bright mural that says “what’s up” in Portugese: Coke Workshop! Coke Workshop! Read More »