XEME & SINIC: Wall Lords showcases best writers of Asia

Wall Lords is the collaborative brainchild of “Made in China” artists Xeme and Sinic. It is an annual graffiti event hosted in 9 countries around Asia that showcases the best writers and crews from the region. The objective of WL is “to provide a platform for the Asian graffiti community to interact and exchange through competition.” Crews and writers compete for the #1 title by creating theme pieces, throw ups and hand styles within a specified time. The crew with the best skills is selected from each location and represents its country to compete with crews from other countries at the Wall Lord Final. On top of that, the Wall Lords event features performances from live bands, rap groups, electronic musicians, DJs, breakdancers, skateboarders, freestylers, and more! Check out the blog for awesome wall updates from around the world and take a look at some video of Wall Lords Taiwan 2012.Wall Lords Taiwan 2012Stop by 1AM Gallery to see XEME & SINIC’s new exhibit “Made in China,” which runs until May 17th. For any inquiries or media-related materials, contact Adriana@1AMGallery.com.

NerdWallet takes home a custom mural that says “Nerd Health”!

NerdWallet was a great group, embracing the street culture as they learned about the graffiti world, tried their own hand at the can and created a custom take-home mural that dons their motto- “Nerd Health”! NerdWallet Workshop! NerdWallet Workshop! Read More »

XEME and ROOKIE paint our wall in honor of Made in China opening

Fresh off the plane from Hong Kong, graffiti artists XEME and ROOKIE created a fresh new mural on the side of our building in honor of the show opening. Check out these images of the progress and stop by 6th and Howard to see the piece in person. While you’re there, stop in and check out our new “Made in China” exhibition featuring XEME and SINIC. The show will be on display until May 17th.Mural by XEME & ROOKIE ROOKIE painting Read More »

“Made in China” Opens this Friday!

1AM Gallery is proud to present “Made in China” featuring Hong Kong-based graffiti writers, Xeme and Sinic. They will bring works on canvas, paper, and posters that toy with what it means to be original in a culture and industry that is overrun with “fake.” Xeme and Sinic appropriate imagery from graffiti and pop culture as well as large company brands and create new works with an intelligent tongue-in-cheek edge. Stop by 1AM Gallery this Friday, April 18th, 6:30-9:30PM for the opening! For now, take a peek at what’s in store.Mao by Sinic“Mao” by SINIC"The social study - 8" by Xeme“The social study – 8″ by XEME

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XEME riffs on the BNE World Water Day fiasco

In a series of acrylic paintings created for our new show “Made in China,” Xeme appropriates famous Banksy pieces and stamps on BNE logos essentially taking a jab at what recently went down between graffiti’s most notorious players. In late March, BNE claimed to have collaborated with Banksy to produce a line of limited edition of T-shirts for his ”Artists 4 Water” campaign to benefit World Water Day. Naturally, the streetwear world was buzzing as it would have been Banksy’s very first retail product: everyone wanted a piece. A few days after the announcement, an post by Animal New York revealed that the whole collaboration was a fake, simply a scheme to use Banksy’s name to sell more T-shirts. Take a look at Xeme’s response to this recent branding fiasco and check out the rest at 1AM Gallery when “Made in China” opens this Friday, April 18th, 6:30-9:30PM.The social study - 4 by XemeThe social study - 1 by Xeme Read More »

Freight King KWEST of Toronto paints up 1AM

A Major Minority” artist, Kwest, teams up with Sharkie and other artists to paint the 1AM wall! Take a look at the process and stop by 6th and Howard to see it in person! Also, don’t miss out on this Friday’s opening of “Made in China” at 1AM Gallery from 6:30-9:30PM. Check back here soon for more!IMG_1147Kwest at work

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Genentech brought their Finance Department for an exciting offsite!

We had a great time meeting Genentech‘s Finance Department as we taught them some drawing exercises, spray paint practice and guided them through the creation of their very own take home mural, it looks awesome! Genentech Workshop! Genentech Workshop! To create a take-home mural with your team, email privateevents@1AMSF.com.

Graffiti in Vagrancy

On the Road – Graffiti in Vagrancy” is a 30-minute documentary released in December 2012 following China-based graffiti collective IDT Crew as they embark on a 1200-mile journey from Kunming to Tibet in the name of art. Supported by Converse, WHYYY, NAN, and “Made in China” artist, SINIC, travel for 50 days straight to paint elaborate murals across an ancient and unconventional landscape. Check out a couple of their pieces from along the way and don’t miss the opening for XEME and SINIC‘s 1AM Gallery debut “Made in China” next Friday, April 18th from 6:30-9:30!

Spaceship Crane by IDT CrewBalance Universal, Shangri-La, China by IDT CrewFor more info or to request a preview of “Made in China”, contact Maya@1amsf.com.

Last Week to See “A Major Minority”

A Major Minority” is a one-of-a-kind exhibition with art work from over 100 artists representing more than 18 countries, which adds up to well over 300 pieces! Phew, that’s big! Most people who walk into 1AM Gallery to see the gigantic exhibition of A4-sized pieces, the vast majority of which are original works, have commented that they have never seen so much art in one room.The whole objective behind “A Major Minority“ is to experience the current state and future progress of Urban Art, or Othercontemporary Art as curator, Poesia, has termed it. (Read the full exhibition essay here!) If you haven’t already, take some time this last week to stop by 1AM Gallery to see for yourself what the latest and greatest are creating. Also, hats off to Poesia, the Graffuturism team, and everyone who helped put this beautiful, expansive collection together!

Saint Ecstasy of Teresa Bernini by Poesia       ”Saint Ecstasy of Teresa Bernini” by Poesia

Sumo Wrestler 5 by Morik“Sumo Wrestler 5″ by Morik

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Last Saturday we had our Stencil Class with Strider where he taught the students about the history and fundamentals of stenciling through a slideshow, followed by techniques with xacto knives, as well as assisting the students with their personal stencil cut outs on their take home t shirts! Hit “Read more” to learn about our next Stencil Class!



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